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Pat Jenkins interviews the LA Muscle Director about the new LA Rewards System

GIVE your unique referral code out from TODAY.

Benefits summary:
1. Anyone that uses it, gets 10% OFF their FIRST order with LA Muscle
2. You get 20 points for every £1 they spend on their first order AND
3. You get 10 points for every £1 they spend on all future orders - No one else does this!
GIVE your code out to start earning lots of LA Rewards points which you can convert on-line to FREE products delivered to your door for FREE!

Q. What is the new LA Muscle Rewards System™ all about?

A. Hi Pat. The new LA Muscle Rewards System rewards you for your loyalty and for you recommending LA Muscle to others.

Q. How is it different from the old one?

A. The old system rewarded you by giving you LA Rewards points for ordering on-line at www.lamuscle.com . The new system rewards you for ordering LA Muscle products AND for recommending LA Muscle products to others.

Q. What will you get from the Rewards?

A. Well, the rewards are in effect, free products. The more LA Rewards points you have, the more free products you will get. Look at the Rewards section, it's pretty much any LA Muscle product you want!

New LA Muscle Rewards

Q. Why don't you give cash out or cash equivalent.

A. The problem there is that we are an international company and our web sites are across many different countries and currencies. In the US, we have dollars, Spain Euros, UK pounds, New Zealand NZ Dollars and so on. Doing cash equivalents will be a nightmare for us and the consumer.
Also and more importantly, cash equivalents or cash rewards always end up being actually "less" in value than products. Look at some of the popular systems. They will give you a £400 holiday for points but if you wanted cash, you get £200!
The LA Rewards System gives you Rewards every time, all the time and the MAXIMUM bang for your buck, in terms of products.

Q. Sounds too good to be true!

A. It is amazing! In actual fact, if you are a popular person with lots of contacts, friends or you post regularly on forums and so on, you can do the following:
1. If you have an account already, log on and your code is there waiting for you in "My Account". Or if you don't have an account with LA Muscle, register an account on www.lamuscle.com - You will then see your unique referral code in "My Account"
2. Give this code to as many people as possible. They get 10% off their first order and you get lots of points.
3. If enough people use your unique code, you don't even have to spend any money with LA Muscle for products! You just log in, see your earned points and order equivalent products on-line!

Q. How is this different from other Rewards points?

A. The LA Rewards System is unmatched in this or any other industry. I will explain why:

1. Firstly, you can get pretty much ANY LA Muscle products by using your Rewards
2. It is all automated. No phone calls, no waiting. You log on, click to use your rewards points and your chosen products will be on their way within hours!
3. Most importantly, by using the LA Muscle Rewards System, you earn points EVERY TIME your recommended person orders - NOT just on their first order. Can you imagine the possibilities? You recommend someone that uses a lot of supplements and this means that you will get Rewards points every time they order for the rest of their life!
4. It gives at least 3 times more points than the only other similar system in this industry.
This is all for on-line orders by the way.

Q. Wow! So you may end up getting free supplements for life!

A. You laugh, but it is true. If a fair number of people start using your own unique code, then you will start seeing Rewards points mounting up in your account.
Make sure you get your code right now and give it out as much as possible to as many people as possible. If you post in forums, make sure people know your LA Rewards code. They benefit by getting a huge discount and you benefit by getting lots of points. Everyone wins!

Q. That's crazy!

A. It get's better. What makes the LA Rewards System so much better than anything else like it, is that you get "lots" of points even on returning customers recommended by you. Test it out for yourself. The system is very generous. In the UK, we are talking about 20 points for every £1 spent by your recommended person on their first order and 10 points thereafter. 10 points, not 1 or 2! FOR AS LONG AS THEY ORDER EVERY TIME THEY ORDER.

I can't emphasize what good value the whole system is. On an average £34.99 order, say for Fatstripper, you get 680 points. That's just your own Rewards points. Then if you give your unique code to others and they start using it, you will just keep getting points added automatically to your rewards account.

Q. All done on line?

A. Yes, that's the beauty of it. You will not be bothered and none of your time will be taken up. You will just have to go into your account on https://www.lamuscle.com/myaccount, grab your own unique code which is sitting there for you right now and then start giving that out to anyone who has not experienced the benefits of LA Muscle supplements.
They get 12.5% off their first order and you get LA Rewards instantly. The more they order in terms of amount and frequency, the more you earn.

Q. I better sign up then!

A. It's easy Pat! Takes just a few seconds to get your own unique code: https://www.lamuscle.com/myaccount/

Thank you very much for your time.





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