Is protein bad for you?

Is too much protein harmful to your body?


You read that protein is good for you in so many places but can protein be bad for you? Let’s find out.

Your muscles are made up of 30% protein. Proteins are active in literally every process within your body’s cells. Each protein type like chicken, meat, whey, soya etc has its own amino acid make up. Some proteins have higher amino acid profiles and can produce different results in your body.

People consume different amount of protein according to their culture, geography, diet, income, occupation and hobbies. Protein consumption can range from literally zero to 100% of your diet.

High protein consumption is recommended for certain body types, certain illnesses and for those that are trying to build more muscle tissue. This is especially important if your protein consumption is below minimum requirements.

Too much protein?

Can too much protein harm you?

Generally, too much protein cannot harm you in the short term. There are exceptions to this, in particular, those that have an illness or medical problem. Consuming too much protein if your liver is inefficient, you don’t have a gall-bladder or you have a medical condition can cause you problems.

The crucial point here is whether you have an underlying medical condition. Consuming too much protein is generally not harmful in the short term. However if for example you have the tendency to have arthritis, then too much protein in the form of meat (uric acid) and milk/dairy (lactic acid) can cause you inflammatory problems.

The right amount of protein

Protein is best taken in smaller, regular doses throughout the day. Depending on your size/weight and your work and exercise regime, you can take anything from 10-50g in one sitting.

For example if you are of a large size, particularly muscular and you are training very heavy and intense, then you should aim for 40-50g protein per sitting. This amount of protein, as long as you don’t have a medical condition, is OK to take during your high exercise/activity period. In fact, a high protein intake is recommended and advised if you are looking to put on more muscle size.

The correct amount of protein also very much depends on the quality of protein you are eating. For example, if you are a vegetarian and most of your protein comes from vegetarian sources, then you are advised to take in more protein; this is even more important if you have a physically demanding job or you are training heavy.

If on the other hand you are a meat-eater and consumer large amounts of red meat, then you are already getting more protein than most people.

The best way to consume protein

If you are trying to build muscles and lose fat and you don’t have a medical condition, then the best way of consuming protein is to have 40-70% of your meals made up of protein (depending on your goals) and ensure that you take in some high quality whey protein at least 1-2 times a day.

High grade whey proteins like LA Whey ensure that you get a nice big serving of the very best protein with some 18 amino acids throughout the day. This is an easily digested protein, good for your body and well-being and a superb aid to muscle growth as well as good insurance against muscle loss.

In conclusion, too much protein in the short term does not harm you and is recommended if you are trying to build muscle mass. If you have a medical condition, always seek the advise of your doctor.



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