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Exclusive interview with Steve Hooper

Following Arena Magazine's article with Steve, LA Muscle give you this exclusive interview with the UK's No.1 Male Adult performer and user of LA Muscle supplements.


December 2004 saw Arena Magazine run an article on Steve Hooper. Some of you may be asking who Steve Hooper is. This is certainly what we asked when we first heard the name a few years ago. However, if you do even the smallest search on the Internet, you will soon find out that Steve is a god to many people!

Steve Hooper is the UK's top adult male movie star and is a well-known figure around the globe. He is admired for his looks, acting, asset (you know what we mean!), performance and physique.

Steve Hooper

Our first meeting with Steve was in a bar in the City of London. Within minutes of his arrival, we had autograph hunters gathered around him asking for autographs and tips on how to "perform" better.

LA Muscle has been working with Steve on a number of "male performance" products. Steve has also just launched his new web site, so we thought it is a good time to introduce you to Steve Hooper.

Steve, take it away

"My name is Steve Hooper and I am 34 years old. Although I am a qualified company/commercial lawyer, I have been working in the adult industry for almost eight years. I graduated Law School in 1994 but soon became despondent with the legal profession. I had been modelling commercially on and off since I was 13 years old and decided to try and pursue it full time. In my early twenties I modelled mainly underwear and swimwear.

However, one day I was asked to do some naked lifestyle shots for my portfolio and the photographer noted that I had a certain "attribute" that would lend itself well to images of a more "adult" nature, especially if I could make it stand to attention in front of the camera! The next thing I knew I was on the front cover of Playgirl USA and it's been a downward spiral ever since!!! Only joking, I've enjoyed a fantastic eight years and I don't regret a single moment. I was recently awarded "Male Performer of the Year" at the 2004 British Adult Film and Internet Awards and for the last few years I have been viewed as being the number one straight British male porn star in the UK as well as being highly acclaimed in both Europe and America. My parents are very proud!!!

My work obviously involves a lot of physical "activity" but it is both mentally and physically draining on the body. I have always been very health conscious and have been training in gyms since I was around 15 years old, mainly because I used to swim competitively up to national level and also competed in both bi and triathlons. My training is now mainly cardiovascular, using cross training machines five times a week but I still train hard with free weights three times a week.

My diet again has always been healthy without being overly regimented. I avoid all white refined goods including salt and bread and don't consume any fizzy drinks. I try and avoid all dairy produce and luckily I have never smoked or taken drugs and I don't really drink alcohol that often either (yawn I hear you cry!!). I recently purchased a masticating juicing machine which cost me a small fortune, but it has proved to be truly life changing and I now drink my vegetables twice a day. Finally, I try not to eat any carbohydrates after 7pm.

I thoroughly enjoy travelling and I have been very fortunate to visit certain countries that I would probably have never had the opportunity to go to had it not been for my work in the adult industry. This year alone I have been to Mexico, Brazil, USA, Dominican Republic, Prague, Budapest and France. There is talk of us shooting a movie in Australia sometime next year.

I mentioned that my work is also mentally tiring. I believe it is this factor alone that depicts whether a male performer will be successful in my profession or not. The mental agility comes from not only being able to achieve an erection in front of a crew of twenty people but also maintaining that erection and performing for sometimes up to eight hours a day.

As much as I genuinely enjoy my work and have no regrets doing what I do, there are many common misconceptions about the job. Most males believe it is a dream job and to some extent it does have a number of perks, but there are elements to it that may take the shine off some of those benefits. For example, every performer within the industry has to be tested every 30 days for HIV and have a full STD screening. If having a 4" needle inserted down your urethra is your idea of fun then you definitely need to be in this business!

I am fortunate that I am a recognised name in the industry now and chose with whom I work, but when you first start working you have no control over who you do your sex scenes with and they may not always be your cup of tea. There are also a lot of emotional problems to deal with and trying to maintain a sustainable relationship is almost impossible. I know male performers in the business that only ever get to have sex when they are at work!

I recently launched my first official website. The reason I called it "4u" was because I have a large amount of fans worldwide through MSN and Yahoo! and they kept telling me how nearly every adult website is a disappointment and waste of money because they never got what they wanted from the site. So, I had my website designed and built around them and what they wanted to consume. The site is extremely user friendly and has many unique features including LIVE webcam sessions with both myself and guest appearances, exclusive hardcore picture and video content [Editor's note: This is an adult site], forums and online shopping including a soon to be launched health section sponsored by LA Muscle."

Supplements-wise, I have been working with LA Muscle for a good few years now and they have provided me with quite a few products which have helped me in many respects. I take Male Boost, Norateen Heavyweight II, Explosive Creatine, Fatstripper and Vasculator amongst others. We are currently working on an exclusive formulation just for me, although it is taking some time to research and develop a product worthy of the Steve Hooper and LA Muscle name. I will keep you posted. For now, please log on to my web site. I hope you enjoy it and remember whatever you do, be safe!

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