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Would a person lose the gains following supplementation?

Would you lose gains from muscle supplements or get fat again following usage of fat-loss supplements? Click for answers!


This is a very common question asked by thousands of people who email or call LA Muscle. Many people want to know if they used a fatburner like Fatstripper, would they put the fat back on once they stopped using it? Or if they used a muscle builder like Norateen II, would they lose the gains once they discontinue use?

The answer is definitely not. However, it does depend on the person and their lifestyle, so let's look at this in more detail.


There are many supplements that can help you in your quest to gain more muscle tissue. Depending on how they work and what you have used before, you can see tremendous gains and keep up to 100% of those gains. The gains and their long-term presence depend on several factors:

  • What you have used before - For example, if you have used Creatine constantly for the last 8 months, you may very well lose up to 70% of your gains upon coming off, as you have been on it for way too long. Creatine should be used 4-8 weeks on and 2-6 weeks off, ideally.
    Another example is use of pro-hormones. If you have used pro-hormones for many months without a break, then you may lose up to 60% of gains if you suddenly come off them.
  • Whether you continue with your current regime - Many people use very strong supplements like Norateen Heavyweight II and gain a tremendous amount of strength and muscle. Once they have the new gains of say 1-2 stones, they stop usage and may even stop training as they are happy with their new body. This is a classic mistake as your new-found muscle needs to be constantly stimulated to remain as big.
    So if you have used a hard-core supplement and gained a fair amount of muscle, you need to keep to a solid training regime to maintain your gains. Stopping training will almost certainly guarantee loss of muscle size over time.
  • Diet - What you eat is very important to how much you will keep after you discontinue supplements use. Let's say you took Norateen Heavyweight and you put 1 stone on in 2 months. Let's also say that you did this by heavy training, lots of carbs and a good amount of daily protein from meat and protein powders. If you then come off Norateen Heavyweight and reduce your carbs and your protein, you may not keep all your gains as you are not supplying the same fuel to your body. As long as you are training, you will still keep a large proportion of your gains.

The bottom line is that with supplementation, you are very likely to add a great deal of mass to your frame. As long as you cycle your supplements, carry on training after you stop using them and keep eating well, you are likely to keep at least 90% of your gains.


Hundreds of thousands of people take fat loss supplements. Fatstripper alone is taken by tens of thousands of men and women around the world. Do these supplements work? If they didn't, LA Muscle would not be in business. People are not stupid and they would not keep coming back for something that doesn't work.

So the question is, once the fat has come off you with products like Fatstripper and Nobese, how do you keep it off? And really, does it stay off?

Fat loss using supplements can be very rapid and noticeable and it can definitely stay off if some factors are taken into consideration. Let's have a close look at them:

  • Previous supplements usage - Many people start using a fat loss supplement like Fatstripper, see good results and keep taking it for long periods. This is not a good idea. If you have used many different supplements for fat loss over many months, then you want to give yourself a break for a while. You may find that previous heavy usage can mean some loss of noticeable results. Give yourself a break and either don't take anything at all or switch to something different. An example can be fatstripper for 2 months, Noebse for 2 months, 1 month's break, then Sculpt for 2 months, then Fatstripper again and so on.
  • Supplementary exercise - Fat-loss pills are not miracle products. Depending on what they are and how they work, they can help you lose body fat by metabolising fat out of your body or increasing your body's thermogenic system. If you exercise, especially cardio, whilst you are on a fat-loss supplement you will see much better and quicker results.
    If you stop using fat-loss products and you also stop exercising, then the chances are that some body fat will come back. Exercising is a good way of diverting calories away from fat cells, so if you see fat coming back, you need to exercise.
  • Diet - Fat loss comes as a result of eating more than you use up or using up less than you eat! If you are eating more than what you are using up, you are going to get fat - as simple as that!
    When you are using a fat-loss supplement, you need to make sure you are not over-eating or eating too many carbs or saturated fats. A fat loss supplement can greatly reduce your body fat and this body fat loss can be permanent as long as you don't start over-eating or eating the wrong type of foods.

Ultimately, everyone is different. You need to look at and monitor your own body to see what works best for you. As a final word, please remember that what supplement you take, can ALMOST CERTAINLY have an effect on how you keep the gains or losses you have made. Many supplements on the market are not researched and contain dubious ingredients or un-tested dosages. These are the typical kind of products you are advised to stay away from.

For example, a Creatine with a mega dose of Creatine (10g+ per serving) or a pro-hormone formula with 5 different pro-hormones in it, may not be the best products to use as they "over-stimulate" the body, taking it out of its natural state. Logic dictates that for any "over-stimulation" the body needs to do some kind of "over-compensation" which is usually in a negative format. So you may put 15 lbs with 15g of Creatine per serving, but if you lose 90% of that upon discontinuing, then you end up with a net gain of 1.5 lbs. However if you put on 10 lbs and kept 90% of that , then you end up with a gain of 9 lbs, no side effects and happy






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