Fight to win

Supplements that can boost your stamina and help you win


Correct supplementation for fighters

This article will give you valuable advice on what to take if you want to be a strong and fast fighter. This applies to boxing, martial arts or other forms of combat.

Lose stamina and you lose

Good stamina cannot be over emphasised. If you are a fighter and you run out of stamina, then you are finished. Why is that you ask? Think about it. You can be as strong as you like but if you run out of energy, your opponent will make minced meat out of you.

Let's say you are not that strong but you have good stamina. This way you can run rings around your opponent until they run out of stamina and then "bang" you go in. Fighting is not all about strength and power. It has a great deal to do with energy, technique and speed.

Your first aim as a fighter is to increase your energy levels so you can keep up with anyone for as long as it takes without running out of energy.

Supplements that give you energy

Cobra, as used by the armed forces

Without doubt the single most effective supplement for energy is Cobra. This supplement will give you superhuman powers whether you are doing karate, boxing or any form of activity requiring increased energy and endurance.

Cobra really does work to give you up to 2-3 times the normal energy. All you do is mix 1-2 scoops of cobra with some water and start drinking 10 minutes before your fight. If you can, keep drinking Cobra during the fight too. WATCH what happens. You will go for longer and do so much more than your "normal" self. This is the power of Cobra and why it is used by not only elite fighters but by the armed forces for increased energy.

Creatine products

Any decent Creatine product will give you added energy and stamina. In particular CEE Supercharged and Explosive Creatine will give you energy beyond your wildest dreams.

For long term fighting stamina start taking CEE Supercharged or Explosive Creatine 2-3 weeks before your fight. You can also take this products as and when you are fighting. You need to experiment to find the timing and level of intake that's right for you.

In any case, when you take CEE Supercharged or Explosive Creatine you will see your energy go up tremendously and you will feel like Superman or Wonderwoman (not if you are a guy!)

Speedstar for mind energy

Speedstar is a great product for energizing your mind. Many times you won't feel like getting out of bed, let alone fighting. Speedstar has been designed to change your mood and start giving more oxygen to your brain to get you going. Speedstar is a great product for anyone who "lack motivation" or for those "Monday morning" days!

Lots of other supplements can help you

LA Muscle has a great range of products that can really help you with your fights. Male hormone boosters such as Norateen Heavyweight, ZMAX Compound and MAN can all help. However if you are on a budget and you want the "most effective" product(s) you can use to win your fights, then in order of priority, use the following:

  1. Cobra
  2. CEE Supercharged or Explosive Creatine
  3. Speedstar
  4. Norateen Heavyweight II
  5. Discorea Deltoidea
  6. Norateen Heavyweight

Remember, winning fights is about the following:

Strength - Yes, it is important to have power behind your punch/kick but if your punch has not landed effectively and you run out of stamina, you are finished!
Speed - The quicker you can combine punches/kicks and land them effectively, the more chances your opponent will not get up
Technique - A few well-landed punches can do much more damage than lots of loosely thrown generic ones
Stamina - This is where supplements can really help you. The longer you can stay on your feet, the more chance of success. Most people run out of steam after a while. With correct supplementation, you wont!





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