Derek Pennie Interview

Mr Ireland and NABBA Mr World competitor. Exclusive Interview.


What is your full name and profession?
Steven Derek Pennie, Self-Employed Joiner

Where do you live at the moment?
In the countryside - 2 mile outside a village called Broughshane in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

Have you always been "a sporty type"?

And how did you get involved into the sport you do at the moment?
I used to love watching the World's Strongest Man competitions on TV when I was young - this inspired me to start training. At 14 I started to train with weights in my friend's garage and then progressed on to Body-Building after gaining an interest through magazines!!!

Do you have any role models? Who has been your greatest motivation?
Definitely Lee Priest! He's the same height as me, (not very tall!) and I'm amazed at how much muscle he carries for his height. He's great motivation for me as I now believe that you don't have to be tall to succeed!!!

What was the first competition you entered?
NABBA Northern Ireland - Junior 1995. (1st Place)

Was it hard?
Dieting was a nightmare. As it was the first time ever having to diet, I hadn't a clue what to expect.

And how did you progress?
I progressed on to win NABBA Northern Ireland - Junior 1996, RIBBF All Ireland Spring Classic - Junior 1996, NABBA Northern Ireland - Junior 1997, NABBA World - Mr Class 4 2006

At which stage have you started using supplementation? What was the first supplement you ever tried?
I started using supplements at 16 - the first being Cybergenetics Infinity 2500!!!

And what supplements are you taking at the moment? How do they help you?
Currently using protein powder, creatine and Glutamate. I believe they are an important role to growth and recovery.

What is you biggest achievement?
NABBA World 2006 - Mr Class 4 Winner

What do you like the most about your sport? What drives you on?
I really enjoy the gym but the best thing of all is the feeling I get when on stage competing. I think my ambition to get bigger and better drives me on as I feel that I haven't yet reached my full potential!

What is your training routine like?
I believe it or not I only train 45 minutes twice a week! On a Monday I train chest & arms and on Thursday I train back and shoulders. The following Monday I train legs, on Thursday its chest and arms and so on.

Does bodybuilding affect your personal and love life? Do you have a partner?
Not usually in general although personal and love life can go down hill a bit the last few weeks before a competition as my energy levels are a bit low!!! I've been married 6.5 years to Alison although I've been with her for 12 years. We have a son Rhys who's 2.5 years and a daughter Kayia who's 1.5 years

(If yes)What is her reaction to your sport, how does she cope with your routine?
Alison enjoys what I do and supports me 100%. My routine doesn't really affect her in any way apart from when I'm dieting - eating out can then be a problem!

Does she help you with preparing food and motivates you in training?
Alison would do most of the cooking when I'm off season but I would prepare the food when I'm dieting as I know exactly what I need. She's not the sporty type (unless yoga counts!) and I've trained along with my friend Tam, for the past 10 years.

Have you noticed women being more attracted to men with your physique?
No not really. I think most women find bodybuilders intimidating

In general, how would you encourage people to care more about their fitness and wellbeing?
Don't know really although I would try and encourage people to keep active and eat sensibly as I believe that this leads to a longer, healthier life.

What would you say are the most important do's and don'ts with training?
Train as hard as you can and try and progress at every workout. Take the proper nutrients at the proper times. Listen to your body and don't over train.

What will be your next competition?
Probably NABBA Northern Ireland 2007 to qualify for the NABBA Universe 2007.

What is the hardest part in your sport?
The dieting!!!

How do you motivate yourself on a daily basis?
The desire to achieve

At what stage do you think you'll stop competing?
Don't know yet

Any big plans for the nearest future?
Just to keep training and growing

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Just to thank LA Muscle for their time.



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