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Marina Cornwall interview

Exclusive interview with current British Champ


Marina Cornwall 2005 British Body Building ChampionLA Muscle caught up with Marina Cornwall recently. This lady has just won the NPA 2005 British title, making her British Body Building Champion once again.

She is an amazing lady which has pretty much won most titles out there. Marina is also one of the featured body builders in Body Builder, The Book.

Check out the exclusive interview with Marina below. It gives a fascinating insight into the mind of this multi-title winning lady.

Have you always been a sporty type?
Yes right from when I was at school I was sports captain and I ran for the school in the 200 metres and relay. I also did javelin and highjump but was not good at those particularly the highjump being such a shorty.

Where and when will you be competing next?
I am just about to go to New York on the 12th November competing in the WNBF World championships

Marina CornwallWhat sort of prizes are you usually given when you place 1- 4?
Normally just a trophy there is no prize money involved at amateur level. Sometimes there are some supplements given out though.

How many people did you compete against?
My most recent competition there were 5 of us in total

What supplements do you take and how often?
I take supplements every day supplied by my sponsors LA Muscle. These include the following:- Bio_Activator, Platinum, Cobra, Speedstar, Antifat, Eat & Cheat, Multi_Protector, LA Whey Portein Bar (off season), LA Aminos, Komplete, Creatine Chews, Shaper and Vasculator.

At what point in your have life you decided to take up bodybuilding?
Only 7 years ago was my first show. I used to compete in a National competition called Ultra fit Cross Training challenge which is still running today and I obtained the physique I had then from the type of training I was doing at the time. I also starting training for the London weekend television series of "The Gladiators" for regional trials

Who inspired you to get into a male dominated field?
It was a very close friend of mine Don Styler who encouraged me to have a go at his bodybuilding show which is still held every year now and is a very successful family run show. Don also used to compete himself and he looked fantastic then and still does.

Marina CornwallDo you have any female mentors?
Yes Lenda Murray & Kimberley-Anne Jones

Do you have people that help you come up with the routine?
Yes Kimberley-Anne has been brilliant in helping me put together my routine for the British finals but prior to Kimberley's help a very close friend of mine Emma Louise Bowen formerly a British Fitness champion had been fantastic. Also sponsored by LA Muscle.

How do you think you have improved?
I have been told my physique is looking harder, fuller and more thickness and as well as that my routine has come on tremendously from when I first started. Eric Guy who does the videos as most shows always said I look like I am going to burst into tears on stage

What sort of training do you do and how often?
I train at 6.30 am every morning for my cardio and weights session and sometimes cardio in the afternoon also when I am competing. I train normally one muscle group apart from one day when I do Tri's and Bi's together.

Marina CornwallWho has helped you achieve your win?
Firstly LA Muscle for kindly sponsoring me as without their help I would not have continued to win the titles and constantly improve my physique. Their excellent range of products has provided me with the correct nutrition for my bodybuilding career.

Secondly, two very special friends of mine Kimberley-Anne Jones, Miss Olympia competitor and former IFBB Professional and Lee Williams ANB Overall British champion , EFBB British Champion and World Ranked IFBB competitor.

How do you feel when you're on stage?
Nervous as hell. I absolutely hate being up there unlike most bodybuilders who feel the opposite I think.

What do you enjoy most about your competitions?
WINNING! And obtaining the recognition for the hard work that I have put in to win the titles from friends, families, fans and my personal training clients

What's the atmosphere like behind stage?
Can sometimes not be too pleasant but having said that at times it is the opposite and very friendly and very much like that in the States (Muscle Mania) where I have competed before. Everyone tends to help everyone else out which is great and makes it so much more enjoyable. It is stressful enough as it goes

Marina CornwallHow do you usually feel when you win?
You cannot explain it. Sometimes I have to remind myself I am not only the best in Hampshire but the best in GB and it is a fantastic achievement as well as currently 2nd in the World. I remain on such a high for a long while and it is so special when everyone who knows me congratulate and are honestly so genuine about how they feel about my achievements. It means so much to me thank you all!

After you win a competition are you likely to give yourself a time off/ if yes how do you usually spend it?
I don't in honesty. I am usually on such a high I would like to get in the gym and have another workout asap. But in hindside that has not been so good for me as one year I just came back from the European championships …I had placed 2nd and was feeling really good as it was a higher placing than the year before. Starting training chest and had done three different exercises for the chest before being able to get onto the Olympic bench press….did my usual weight and bang tore my rotator cuff. That year 2003 I placed 2nd in the British championships so it cost me my title.

Marina CornwallHow has your weight changed since you progressed?
Not much at all in fact I have probably lost some weight whilst dieting but everyone has commented how much bigger and fuller I look which is interested albeit I am weighing less on the scales.

How do you motivate yourself during the time of the month (has it changed throughout years)?
I have never had a problem with that time of the month and always continued to train regardless. But I have not had a cycle now for 2 years nearly so probably going through an early change of life.

Do you worry about losing your feminine features?
No never. In fact I was recently on BBC radio 4 Women's hour with Jenny Murray and as I walked Jenny commented how slight and elegant I looked. If people see me in normal clothes they would certainly not realise I was a bodybuilder until I possibly took a jacket off.

How do you choose you outfits?
I buy fitted clothes as much as possible as being only 5' tall and 7 and half stone if you purchase baggy clothes they look like you have borrowed someone elses .

What's the reaction of your female friends?
Only admiration thankfully most comment that they could not do the strict dieting and training routine that I put myself through and stick to it year after year

Marina CornwallDo you have friends outside bodybuilding and fitness industry?
Yes fortunately many. I always feel I do not have a lot of money or a fast car but I am very wealthy in friends and that is very special to me and you can never put a price on that

Are you seeing anyone at the moment & How does Bodybuilding affect your love life?
I have just had a couple of dates with a Pro Wrestler and we have a lot in common with our different sports but we both have very busy lifes also. But normally I just work and train hard as my main concern is paying my mortgage and keeping the roof over my head and if a friendship/relationship happens then it is a bonus. Luckily I have a lot of male friends also and so I am never lonely

Do you get more female or male customers?
I think I have approximately 50/50

At what age do you think you'll stop competing?
I have decided on an age but more when I win the Worlds or winning a Pro card and then I may consider doing something else

What are your future plans and goals?
I want to win the Worlds this year in New York. But definitely next year I do want to have a go at Powerlifting as I am very strong for my size and I am constantly being told that. It was commented I could end up in the Guinness Book of Records that would be cool! Watch this space.

Thank you Marina and good luck with forthcoming competitions.

Check out Marina's web site: here

14th November 2005 UPDATE: Marina has just won the 2005 WORLD Championships! Go girl! Well done. :)



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