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At home lower AB workout

Effective ab workout at home


At home lower AB workout by Jeff Grant

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Many people consider that the lower abs are the most difficult abdominal muscle to define. Developing a lean hard-ripped midsection requires great effort and patience, especially when it comes to lose those last few pounds. The lower abs can be the most stubborn and exercise-resistant area regarding the loss of body fat. Unfortunately, some individuals are so obsessed with this spot that do not hesitate to use extremely hazardous diet drugs or liposuction. Others use the latest abs devices or do countless sit-ups, all to no avail. Don’t be kidding yourself! The only proved method of get rid of the adipose tissue is the proper combination of a healthy diet, aerobics, a comprehensive abdominal training and weight training. Before we proceed to the At Home training routine that's main target would be the development of the lower abs, lets clear some thoughts. First of all you have to realize that there is no such thing as ‘spot reduction’. In simple words you can’t isolate where you are going to reduce body fat. When you burn fat, you will draw it from all areas of the body, including your feet, neck and hands!, it won't just come off your stomach!! the first place you tend to hold it will be the last place it comes off. When it comes to these ‘stubborn’ spots genetics play a crucial role. Both sexes have different genetic patterns of fat storage. In women, the stubborn areas tend to be the hips, thighs and buttocks. In men it’s usually the lower abs. These genetic traits cannot be altered or changed through diet or training alone. They are unchangeable. You should understand that the shape of your abs is entirely genetic. If you do not have great abs naturally, a million of crunches won’t build a hard six-pack mid-section. The number of rows of abdominal muscles you possess (or packs) is also entirely a matter of genetics. Most people have three rows = 6 Pack, but some have four rows = 8 Pack. Whatever the number of abs God gave you is what you have. You cannot do anything about it. One of the most common quotes I’ve heard from people in my health club over the years is “I’ve had some success toning my abdominal area but as hard as I try I just can’t seem to get the lower part to show, why can’t I seem to get this area like everything else?!” Well the answer usually is one of two things: A) they may not be doing enough cardio and not dieting properly or B) they may not have the right routine to really target this elusive area. So, that’s what we will discuss today, a great lower ab routine to carve out those lower abs...and you can do it at home! At home lower AB workout Keep in mind, this routine alone won’t simply give you great lower abs. Proper diet and a steady amount of cardio are equally important to really sculpting this area. However this routine complimented by cardio on an empty stomach 1st thing in the morning and proper nutrition may just be the answer to the elusive challenge of finishing off a perfect six pack. Visit the Webs’ No.1 Abdominal Training Resource for more great tips on carving those abs.




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