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Musclemania Superbody 2004 MIAMI BEACH

Report and full exclusive photos of the Pro division.

By on 18.01.2009 11:23 am

The Musclemania FAME 2004 Superbody was held in Miami Beach. This sexy and well organised show was run as always by Mr Lou Zwick. This man is like a magician. One minute he is announcing the competitors on stage and the next he is backstage making sure everyone is having a good time. He carries boxes and talks to competitors like they are his long-time friends. No wonder so many people attend the Musclemania events and they are such a huge success.

The Musclemania this year consisted of various exciting events including the Pro division, Fitness Universe pageant, Ms Bikini Universe and Model Universe. The show was held at the Deauville Beach Resort in Miami beach and was held over 3 days.

Our very own Ben Agboke competed in the Pro division and placed a respectable 5th out of a 13 man line up. Ulisses Jr won this division. Ricky Syamsuri won his class and the overall.

The weekend was made all the more exciting by amazing Karate displays, club parties and pool parties. If you have never been to the Musclemania Superbody weekend, then we strongly recommend this event. Unlike other competitions, this competition has a very friendly atmosphere and because of the location too, you can't help but to have a really good time.

If you are thinking of going to Miami, make sure you time it right and see the Musclemania at the same time. This year the event was held a week after the Memorial day Hip Hop weekend at South Beach. So it was 2 weeks of solid partying for the LA Muscle guys. What a tough life!

Don't forget that this show is "natural" and all competitors are drug-tested. Put that into context and see why this was such a good show with a very high standard of competitors. Click "next page" at bottom right for photos of the Pros!



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