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MR UNIVERSE 2003 NABBA - Report & exclusive photos

Check out over 100 photos of this massive event. See why Hassan Alsaka was a clear winner on the night. He won his class and the Overall!

By on 18.01.2009 11:23 am


The NABBA Mr & Miss Universe 2003 was held in Kidderminster, England on 11th October 2003. It was good turnout and there were some very high caliber contestants present. The best news of the night was Hassan Alsaka winning this event!

The Masters class went to Brazil, with Dayo Audi of the UK placing second. 3rd was Russia, 4th Cory Bafton of the UK, fifth France and 6th was John Lee. In all, all the competitors were of a very high standard.

The Masters over 50 went to Peter Andreas of Germany, 2nd was Helmut Duhl of the Netherlands, 3rd Russia, 4th Dimitrie Dakor of Israel, 5th spot went to Bernie Cooper of the UK and 6th to Don Mahoney of Australia.

Juniors 1st place went to Russia, 2nd to the UK, 3rd spot to Thomas Gibson from GB, 4th South Africa, 5th Dean Grace GB and 6th to Oliviera of Brazil.

Ladies Physique Class 2, first place went to Brazil, 2nd Holland, 3rd to Lisa Mann of the UK, 4th Ukraine, 5th South Africa and 6th Julie Waite GB.

Ladies Physique Class 1, 1st spot to Sherry Lewes of South Africa, 2nd Italy, 3rd Russia, 4th Spain, 5th Karen Brittlebank GB and 6th Louanne Heart of South Africa. Class 4 Mr Universe, 1st to Brazil, 2nd place Jason Corrick GB, 3rd Brazil, 4th Peter Roche GB, 5th Adrian Birdshaw GB and 6th to Andy Gold GB.

Class 3 of the Men's Mr Universe, first place Hassan Alsaka, 2nd Steve Sinton GB, 3rd Brazil, 4th Brazil, 5th Germany and 6th France.

LA Muscle would like to congratulate Hassan Alsaka who looked absolutely out of this world on the night. He was cool, calm and collected and acted like a true Champion, well worthy of the Mr Universe title. Well done Hassan!



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