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The Secret to 311 BCAA's


Ingredients are funny things. A small, tiny little thing can make such a huge difference. Take Polonium for example. It can kill! A small almost untraceable ingredient with the ultimate effect. Or something like chalk or bulking agents, which are still ingredients and do absolutely nothing (by the way, they are a staple of cheaper supplements!).

Then you have the “mixing” of ingredients. Mix them in the right way and you have a powerful cocktail, super-charged to produce even faster results. Mix the wrong ones and you get nothing; even worse, you can have a set back. For example, Iron can interfere with your body’s absorption of Zinc. Take the wrong dose of Iron and the lovely Zinc supplement you have been taking may not work at all.

This brings us to Branch Chain Amino Acids. These are 3 amino acids: L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. They are magical ingredients IF taken in the right quantity, at the right times and crucially, in the correct ratios. When you take them all in the correct ways, as in LA Muscle’s 311 BCAAs, something truly miraculous happens in your body. You grow! You recover! You build muscles faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Take 4 capsules of 311 BCAAs by LA Muscle immediately after training and you will not believe how powerful these little pills can be. Take another 4 before sleep and double your results. Professional bodybuilders who know what they are doing and want optimum muscle growth take LA Muscle’s 311 BCAAs as part of their every day supplementation program. You can start doing this too, from tomorrow.

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