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Body building training and diet

Great "real" article from UKBFF North West Champion Craig Winnard


Craig WinnardAfter dieting for most of the year for the UKBFF Northwest and UKBFF British Championships, I had a couple of months of taking it a bit easier in respect
of eating and although I was training four times a week I would say I was just 'ticking over'.

But I am happy to say I am now back into training hard again and hoping to make a lot of quality size gains this year and compete towards the end of the year.

I placed 6th at the British UKBFF championships, which I was sort of disappointed with because my condition was spot on and as good if not better than anyone elses on
the stage. Unfortunately the judges were looking more
for size than condition on the day. So with that in
mind i am going concentrate on making good gains for
most of the year and hopefully compete around October

I have altered my routine slightly this year, training
four times a week but changing to a 3 day split from a
4 day split, so I am now training each muscle group
once every 5 days instead of every 7 days.

My I am doing one less set than previously on most
excercises but training to an even higher intensity
than previously.

My routine is now as follows:

Monday: Chest and Arms:
Flat Dumbell Press 1 warm up set then,
3 x 8-10 Incline smith machine press
3 x 8-10 Incline dumbell flies

Tuesday: Legs:
1 warm up set on squats,
3 x 8-10 squats
3 x 8-10 leg press
4 x 8-10 leg extentions
3 x 10 reverse leg curls
2 x 8-10 straight leg dead lifts
4 x 10 standing calf raises
4 x 10 seated calf raises

Thursday: Back & Shoulders
1 x 15 deadlifts
2 x 8-10 deadlifts
3 x 10 lat pull downs
3 x 10 seated rows
1 x 15 dumbell shoulder press
3 x 8-10 dumbell shoulder press
3 x 10 side lateralls
3 x 8-10 upright rows
2 x 10 heavy shrugs

1 warm up dumbell curls
3 x 8-10 reps
3 x 8-10 preacher curls
3 x 8-10 reverse ez curls

1 warm up tricep pushdowns
2 x 8-10 tricep pushdowns
3 x Tricep dips to failure on each set.
3 x 8-10 reps reverse bench press or cable pulldowns

sets 2 and 3 on all exercises are to failure and
assisted on the last 1 to 2 reps.

Friday: same as Monday, then the next monday would go
to legs and so on.

My diet has gone pretty strict again now, but I allow
myself a cheat meal on a Saturday and 2 cheat meals on
a Sunday - (usually breakfast and evening meal).

Monday to Friday is as follows:
08.00 5 x weetabix with pint of skimmed milk
For my next three meals at 11am, 1.30pm and 4pm I mix
the following and divide it into three:
1 x packet of Uncle bens microwave rice (long grain or
450-500g cooked chicken
1 x tin of chopped tomatoes
1 x tin of veg or sweetcorn and peppers etc.

17.30: before training I have 1 or two rice cakes with
cottages cheese on.

19.30: 1 x protein drink like LA Whey

21.00: Any meal up to around 600 calories consisting
of any of the following: rice/pasta/potatoes (carb
source) chicken/turkey/tuna/steak (protein source) and
add a small amount of low calorie tomato based sauce
for flavour together with 100-200g of
veg/peppers/cabbage/lettuce etc depending on meal.

Hope the above has given you a good insight to my
current life style, however if you require any more
info, do not hesitate to ask.

I am very open about my training etc and am always
happy to give anyone assistance.

I have attached a couple of pics from my Great Britain
Show also.

I have also attached a couple of pictures taken back
stage of myself and Madelaine (girlfiend) from the
Britain show.



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