The REAL way to build big muscles

Bodybuilders, take note. You may be wasting time and money...


Bodybuilding is a funny old game. It is forever coming and going out of fashion. One minute it’s not cool to be big; the next, everyone wants to look like Arnie or The Rock. Sure, some people don’t want to look “huge” and that’s fine. This article is for those people who want to get big and strong. Those who don’t want to look like a monster that cannot move but at the same time don’t want to have just “toned” muscles. Basically, those that want to look similar to the guy below…

Real Muscles

So how can you look like the guy above?

If you have just started bodybuilding, you will make some gains no matter what. Whatever you do in the gym and however you eat, you will build “some” muscles. After a while, it will get harder.

Then, you have a choice:

  • Take stuff which is not legal and can harm your body but can get you quite big, fast.
  • Take nothing and just train and eat - This will probably get you a little muscular over a long period of time.
  • Eat more protein foods - This will get you bigger; but again it will take time.
  • Take specific “muscle enhancing” supplements - This is the best route to getting really muscular, safely, efficiently and rapidly.

Pork Chops ain’t gonna’ get you looking like The Rock!

As more and more companies have entered the supplements market and prices for all ingredients have gone up, you would have noticed less and less “proper” supplements out there. It is true that more people have started using supplements and many of them don’t want to get big. However, for those of you who want to put on sizeable muscle fast, the choice of supplements is getting smaller and smaller.

Unfortunately, especially for the naive, you are being told that protein bars, ready-made pork chops and weak single-ingredient supplements will get you big. Erm….. no they will not!

When everywhere you look you see generic, mass-made, weak supplements that do very little for muscle mass, it is difficult to make the switch to a real muscle builder. Whether you like it or not, real muscle builders come in the form of capsules or in some rare cases, powders.

What exactly builds real muscles?

At the end of the day it is your own body that builds muscle mass and strength. You need to pour in the right ingredients to trigger it to start building real muscle mass. These ingredients that make a noticeable difference in as little as a week are NEVER protein or meat or single amino acids. Fast-acting mass builders will always be male hormone boosters; for it is the male hormone that triggers muscle growth and muscle mass.

Please don’t fool yourself or be fooled. If you want real mass, then you need to boost your male hormones with a supplement like Norateen Heavyweight II. Period. Otherwise you are not doing yourself justice.

This is not about saving money or taking forever to get there. This game is about looking as buff, big, muscular, powerful as possible in the shortest possible time AND in the safest way. The main products that do this are male hormone boosters and sometimes Creatine. That’s it. All the others may work but they are not going to work fast and you will not look noticeably big.

Real Muscles

If you want this sort of body, then you need to take in the right triggers. This is even more so as you age. The older you get, the more the need to start pouring in male hormone boosters.

There are thousands of supplements available on the market and many of them are good. However if you are a bodybuilder and looking to build serious muscle mass, you need to boost your male hormone levels to trigger your own body to start turning the foods you eat to muscle mass. ONLY male hormone boosters will make this rapid physiological change. If you want to try some, go here.



Six Pack Pill

Six Pack Pill

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Norateen II

Norateen II

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