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Pose your way to more muscle

How posing can help you build a better body


Posing in front of the mirror is a sure way of sculpting and perfecting your body to look its best. Posing regularly sends signals to your brain, telling it how you want your body to look. Any time you see a well built, aesthetically pleasing body, you can be sure that at least “some” amount of time has been devoted to posing.

Posing for more muscles

Posing contracts your muscles and perfects them. Try posing in between sets and devote 5-10 minutes after each workout to poses which apply to the workout you have just performed. i.e. side chest/most muscular if you have just performed the Bench Press.

Certain body parts respond very well to posing and they actually get bigger, more defined and harder as a result of posing. These are: Triceps, biceps. lats, quads, chest and abs.

When you pose regularly, your body makes a connection between mind-muscle and over time, it becomes easier and easier for you to flex and pose and look great. If you have spent some time in front of the mirror practicing poses such as those for your abs and triceps, you can call on them when you need them to look great.

Some popular poses which will help enhance your physique are:

  • Front double biceps
  • Front lat spread
  • Side Triceps
  • Most muscular
  • Abs & thighs

Devote 1 month to posing as follows and see your body change literally in front of your eyes:

  1. Pose in between sets
  2. Pose for 10 minutes after each workout
  3. Pose for 5-10 minutes before sleep
  4. Pose for 5-10 mins when you wake up
  5. Try Vasculator to increase contractions and help build more muscles


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