A Revealing Diary of a Customer Taking LA Muscle Komplete

All in one supplement Komplete


Product referred to below is LA Muscle's Complete (formerly Komplete).

My name is Stewart Anderson and I have been an LA Muscle customer for 2 years now. I have tried several of their products to good success and a couple of months ago, I reached a plateau. I just could not put any more size on, no matter what I did.

Having read all the writing on the product Komplete, I decided to give it a go. I reckoned since all the other products I had tried from LA Muscle did what they said they would do, even if Komplete did half of what it promised then I would be pleased.

I also decided to keep a diary of what happened and hoped that if LA Muscle were the honest company they claim to be, they would publish it.


I ordered just one tub of Komplete yesterday afternoon and it was here this morning. Komplete comes in chocolate flavour, so it suits me fine; but what about those who don't like chocolate?

Today I trained Chest, Biceps and Shoulders. Did the usual 3 sets of 10 reps and stuck to one exercise per bodypart.

I took 2.5 scoops of Komplete immediately after training and 2.5 scoops before sleep. I will say that with all the stuff that's in it, Komplete definitely mixes spot on. It was a little bit lumpy but within a few seconds it was like a Mcdonalds milkshake. I left it a few minutes before drinking (as it is suggested on the bottle) and it really was a smooth shake. The chocolate taste is really good too. It's not that sweet taste that you get with those Nourishment drinks, it is just right I reckon.


Last night I felt I sweated a bit more than usual. I notice that the write-up for CLA says that it changes your night-time fuel mix, so I reckon something was happening! I do not feel sore at all this morning, as usually I do. But having said that, I will wait until tomorrow to give my final verdict on soreness.

I will say one thing as well, Komplete definitely does something "down there" too. This morning I woke up with a big erection and that has not happened for quite a few months!

I would say that I feel slightly more in command. Aggressive is not really the word, I feel more assertive and strong I suppose.


I definitely sweated more than usual last night. My body was warmer and this morning I felt my stomach was almost flat. I would say my bodyfat is around 14% at the moment.
I already feel harder, but not much more muscular as yet.

Did back and biceps today. I didn't do any more weights than usual, but didn't do any less either. Without wanting to sound like one of these "believers", I do look just ever so slightly more muscular. Believe what you will, I am only writing what I see. Obviously it is still early days.


I am definitely filling up. I am not getting huge or anything, but I am filling up around the arms, chest and possibly shoulders. Komplete has definitely started burning fat off me as I can say 100% that I have lost quite a lot of fat in the last 4 days. I suppose if someone wants to get really massive, this is counter-productive as obviously fat weighs something as well and if you lose it, you will weigh less. Having said the above, I am quite please with the results so far. I am getting a much better physique and I would say that even fatburners wouldn't be able to work this quick on getting rid of fat.


I couldn't do legs today, so it will have to be tomorrow. One of the things with me (and I am sure many others) is that because of work etc., sometimes my training is a little bit erratic; although I do try and stick to a generally sound routine. I am feeling very strong and can't wait to do legs tomorrow. I have not felt sore since I started taking Komplete. I feel more sexualy aroused and more active.


I did 3 sets of Squats today and 3 sets of Leg Presses. Now I know what this is going to sound like, but I am going to say it anyway; believe what you will. I Squated 30 kgs more than what I did last week and that's the honest truth. I loaded up the bar as usual, but somehow my mind was telling me that I could do much more.

So I added 10 kgs more than last week. I lifted it up and it felt light, honest. Put another 10kgs and that felt light too. So I added another 10kgs and that felt "alright". I reckon I could have done more, but thought let's not get too carried away. For a guy my size, what I did today was I would say astonishing, especially since I haven't touched 'roids or anything.

I am not sure whether Komplete gave me the mental power, the physical power or both, but I was amazed at what happened. The guys at the gym couldn't believe it, especially this one tosser who thinks he knows it all. He had a fair point in that he said I wasn't Squatting parallel, but who cares? I Squatted 30kgs more than last week and as I said to him, I don't want my ass to get bigger, that's why I didn't go down to parallel.


No soreness today. I feel bigger and stronger. I look in the mirror and I am not that much bigger but I am sure it's because I look at myself all the time anyway. I look more ripped and the little love-handles on my side are all but disappearing (there wasn't too much there in the first place).


I am SORE! I have to be honest and say that what I did on Saturday must have taken its toll as my legs feel like two solid blocks of stone today! I can barely walk. Still taking Komplete as directed and I feel it is helping with the soreness. I think such a heavy jump on Squats would have done this regardless of what you take afterwards. Muscle-wise, I am fuller, my arms look much bigger and the pump on my chest is there all the time.

Did Chest, Tris and Shoulders today. I did 15kgs more on the Bench, 10kgs more on the Press and 5kgs more on the Push-down. I am definitely noticeably stronger and look bigger. I never looked like a "bodybuilder" before. I looked like someone who trains with weights and has an OK body. Now, I look bigger.


I have been eating a lot more these days and feel strong. I feel hungry, I feel confident, I feel like I can do anything. Maybe it's my mind, maybe it's Komplete maybe its what's happening at work. I am not sure. I haven't felt like this before and it would be a bit of a coincidence that I feel like this whilst taking Komplete. I filmed myself with my camcorder today and when I viewed it, I couldn't believe my eyes.

I look big. I look muscular, much much more than 9 days ago. I am also a lot leaner. I am surprised I didn't notice such a huge difference at first, but then you never do I suppose. I wish I had video-recorded myself on day 1, that would have been really something, so I am a bit gutted about that.

DAY 10

Back and biceps day. I couldn't wait to hit the gym. I am really loving gym-work at the moment. I am doing more weights than I have ever done and I am looking much bigger and harder, which helps. This has been such a dramatic 10 days that I fell like a new man. To get such an amazing body in such a short time makes me feel like I am living in a new body; it is a bit alien to me and I am loving every minute of it.
Don't get me wrong, other supplements have given me decent results, but none have been this quick, both in terms of muscle gains and fat loss.


Komplete takes a few days to kick it. You may not notice a huge difference at first, especially since it also gets rid of fat, but you WILL see it work and when it does, it really does work well. I look at myself now and I honestly look like how I would look, had I trained another six months solid and taken loads of supplements. I am a bit gutted that I am out of Komplete and won't be able to buy another tub until next month. This product definitely definitely works and I see why it is expensive. I would recommend Komplete to anyone that wants to get big quick, anyone that has hit a plateau or anyone that wants a quick muscular body for the beach. Thank you LA Muscle for one of the best products I have ever tried.



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