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10 important muscle questions answered

Your most frequently asked muscles questions


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1. Should I train when I have a cold?

A cold is a sign by your body that you are overdoing it and need a rest. You will usually get a cold when you are tired, slept little, stressed, eating too little or working/training too hard. If you have a heavy cold, you should rest and not train.

2. Should I train legs?

Yes if you want a decent, proportional body. In either case, training legs will add another 10% extra muscle to your upper body; so if you want to get bigger, train legs.

3. Should I take protein?

Protein hardens your muscles, gets them bigger and helps them recover and cope with heavy training. To get a strong body with big hard muscles, you should take in extra protein. Anything from 1-2g per lb of bodyweight is good for periods when you are doing heavy weight training.

4. Should I train with a training partner?

Ideally you should train with a training partner that is stronger and more advanced than you. Make sure they push you and get you to do more than you can if you were training by yourself.

5. Should I train at home or in a gym?

If you have the choice and the means, you should always train in a gym. You get more motivation from seeing others, you end up devoting specific times to your training and most importantly you get to lift much heavier weights and get bigger. Most gyms have much more equipment that you will ever have in your home.

6. Will I get bigger the more I train?

More is not always better. You need to train heavy and intensively but there comes a time when you need to rest. Over-training is just as counter-productive as not training at all!

7. Does cardio affect my muscle growth?

Yes it does. If you are looking to build the most amount of muscle mass, then cardiovascular exercise will interfere with this goal. You should keep cardio to a minimum when you are trying to get super-big.

8. Will too much protein make me fat?

Yes it can. Protein contains calories and if you are not training enough and eating too much food and too much protein, then you can put on fat.

9. Can I turn my fat into muscles?

No you cannot. You can get rid of fat and build more muscles. This gives the “impression” that fat has turned to muscles but in the physical sense fat cannot turn to muscle.

10. How can I get a weak body part strong?

You have to concentrate on it. Train it first and train it with big, heavy compound exercises. Make sure you rest 5 days before training it again. Do not over-train a weak body part. Train smart.




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