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Never ever underestimate the power of a positive mind!!!

Emmalouise Bowen on lifes ups and downs and how she still manages to win major titles.


My physique has reached new levels over the last year.

Emmalouise Bowen

When I look at pictures from 7 years ago when I used to compete, (and win British titles)! The 2011 Emmalouise blows this out of the water.

And the question people ask me and one that I have asked myself is how?

So I started to think about this, what had I done differently, because lets face it if I had all the answers I'd be a millionaire!

I train hard.... but I always have.

I eat good clean nutrition... but I always have

So ... Here is what I came up with, the other bit, the power of a positive mind!

Stick with me and I'll try to explain.

Everyone goes through ups and downs in their lives. As a paramedic I often meet patient's and families on their worst day.

From the man who lost his job and girlfriend and took his own life to the woman diagnosed with terminal cancer who's at the gym doing aerobics!

What is it about the human spirit that drives only some of us forward?

Now I am no psychologist, I have a science degree so I am not even going to attempt to fathom the human psychie..

But it got me thinking about my life and this improved physique.

Without going into detail bla bla bla my life was turned upside down just over a year ago.

I used my training to focus me. Train through the pain I tell people, (the emotional pain that is)!

I made massive strength gains, developed more lean tissue and vascularity, because rather than be beaten I would be amazing.

My motivation and determination seems to rub off on people, people started asking more questions, being interested in what I was training, competing in next.

The more I have competed this year the more inspired and motivated I have become. The fitness industry holds some of the most driven motivated, incredible people I have ever met.

I am truly honoured to be part of it.

When you are surrounded by these kinds of people it drives you further. I don't get money or big prizes when I compete, I just love it!

So in conclusion.. Train hard.. Eat clean.... And never ever under estimate the power of a positive mind.

Emmalouise Bowen

NPA SE 2010 Winner, FAME 2011 Fitness winner

To see more pictures of Emma click here




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