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5 reasons why you shouldn’t use the scales to measure weight loss

And 3 handy home tools for accurate body fat measurement!


Getting on the scales and seeing the weight staying the same, not going down or even worse going up can be very frustrating. Below are 5 very strong reasons that going on the scales should NOT be part of your daily routine.

  • Bye Bye Scales!The scales don’t measure water retention – If you are bloated, for example because you had too much salt, you may seem to have put weight on but it’s just temporary and so going on the scales will be a wrong actual reading of your average weight.
  • The scales don’t measure body mass – You could seem to be putting weight on but this can be muscle weight which will weigh more than fat. In other words the scales may tell you that you are fatter but you actually look better!
  • Seeing more weight or no shift in weight can be stressful – Stress releases hormones that store more fat! So by going on the scales daily and seeing no movement you could be getting stressed and thus inducing more weight gain!
  • The Scales don’t measure body fat as such, just weight – If you have lost body fat and say put on muscles, you won’t be able to see this.
  • Your weight will go up and down at different times of the day – Catch yourself at the wrong time on the scales and it can be traumatising.
Three much more accurate and simple ways of measuring progress in terms of actual "fat" loss are the mirror, a camera and your belt! They will all give you a good indication of whether you are losing actual body fat or not.

1. Check yourself out in the same mirror every other day.
2. Take naked photos of yourself every week in the same position and light!
3. See if your belt or clothes sizes are going down.

Remember, if you are going to the gym and building muscles at the same time as trying to lose weight, it may not seem like you are losing weight if you go by the scales. You will lose some fat, put some muscle on, the scales stay the same!

However when you measure your progress with the mirror, through photos or by your belt/dress size, you will truly see a difference.

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