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Here's why you are gaining weight and what you can do to stop it...

Important news about your health and weight gain


Read about the missing ingredient in your diet...

CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, crucial for muscle maintenance and weight loss. CLA is found naturally in some foods. We get 80% less CLA in our diets today than previous generations for 2 reasons. Today, cows are seldom pasture grazed. Instead, they are fed foods (grains and soy) which result in decreased CLA production. Secondly, we eat less red meat and dairy fats, which also reduces the amount of CLA in our diets.

How CLA Works

CLA inhibits the body's ability to store fat. It "prompts" the body to use stored fats as energy. CLA is amazing and you probably have minimal amounts in your body.

Try Sculpt NOWThe research in humans has shown a 20% reduction in body fat for those taking CLA. Participants in a 90-day study were administered 3 grams of CLA daily with meals. In a placebo-controlled study, the CLA group demonstrated a significant reduction in body fat from 21.3% to 17.5% with an average reduction of 7 pounds of fat. No change was seen with the placebo group. The benefits of less fat and increased muscle tone are numerous. People look slimmer, feel more energetic and have decreased health risks.

The above is a scientific explanation for one of the reasons why people are getting fatter. LA Muscle's unique product Sculpt contains a dosage of CLA which is twice more powerful than the above study. In addition, Sculpt uses the top of the range patented and certified CLA, proven to work. Most other CLA products use just sunflower oil because real CLA is extremely expensive and rare. Original CLA is protected and has worldwide protection so you can only purchase the original from a few authorised sources. LA Muscle is one of them.

If you are putting more weight on or struggling to lose it or you just want to maintain muscle mass for that lean & defined look, you must try Sculpt. It quite literally is a "miracle product". Sculpt is one of LA Muscle's top sellers and has been so for over a decade because it works. Please don't think that other cheap products are anything like the real CLA because they are not. You would just be wasting your money on sunflower oil, which you can get from any supermarket!

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