Sweeteners can make you fat

How using sweeteners can keep you looking plump


One of our writers came to me the other week and asked for just one new fat loss tip that had not been discussed before. I told him “sweeteners can keep you fat”.
He included this little known fact in an article.
The emails have not stopped! So many of you are emailing in saying how on earth can sweeteners contribute to obesity!
Sounds totally illogical, right? Wrong! Read below exactly why consuming sweeteners can actually mean that you don’t end up shifting the fat.

Sweetness is a habit

Wanting sweet things is a habit. You have all heard the “sweet tooth” saying. Certain people have got themselves “used” to having sweets. Yes, it is true that you do need a little sugar to get the brain functioning properly but you sure don’t need as much as most of you are consuming these days! The prevalence and growth of Diabetes is a clear signal to society – one that is not heard by most!

Habit: Dictionary Definition:

“An acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.”

There are many examples of habits:

  • drinking tea or coffee in the morning
  • having cocoa before sleep
  • always driving head on into your drive and not reversing in
  • watching a certain TV program or soap
  • making love a certain way

Habits make us comfortable and give us some sort of order. This does not mean that they are right (or wrong)| or that they are good for us (or bad).

Certain habits are not good for us

Sugar is a habit that just like salt, is most certainly not good for us. Excess sugar causes many problems including diabetes, fungus growth and of course obesity. You do not “need” to put sugar in your tea or coffee. You just “choose” to. You have had the habit long enough and you find so many ways of justifying it to yourself that you find it hard to stop or change.

Sweeteners: Why you are fooling yourself?

Sweeteners fool your taste buds into thinking you are having something sweet. They are for the most part zero calories and as they claim, they cannot make you fat. Or can they?
Sweeteners indeed CAN make you fat. This is not a direct calorie-loading kind of fat but a more indirect effect on your habits.

You see, if you have a sweet tooth and a “habit” of having sweet things, switching to sweeteners breaks one habit but not the other. Sweeteners will stop the habit of you consuming “sugar” in your drinks and food but they do not break the habit of your “sweet tooth”….and what the mind seeks, it shall find.

Sweeteners mean a continuation of your sweet cravings

Whilst you may have switched to sweeteners, you will no doubt still seek sweet foods and drinks. You may do this very subtly and without awareness but you most certainly WILL be doing this.

Sweeteners fool your taste buds and they fool you into thinking you are over the sugar habit….but you are not! If you “need” to put sweeteners in your drinks and you “need” to buy sweetened products, then you still have a sweet tooth which will NEED attention.

Your subconscious search for sugar

Whilst you keep your sweet tooth going with the switch to sweeteners, you will be seeking and eating sugary foods. This goes for 99% of you. You may not even be aware of it! You may think you are having a healthy sugar-free life but if you look very closely you will see sugar in many of the foods you consume such as baked beans, sushi, orange juice and most other juices…

Breaking the habit is the only way

In contrast to you, the person who truly breaks the sugar habit and does not replace it with sweeteners is the true winner and the one who really sees a change in body shape. You see when you no longer have a sweet tooth or crave sugar, you really don’t care for it. This is the true way to “look” like those wonderful physiques you see in the media and in magazines.

If you want to look totally fat free and lean, then you need to change your “mind”. You need to reduce and eventually cut out sweet things including the deceiving sweeteners. You need to tell your mind that you do not “need” anything sweet.

When you break the “habit” of craving a sweet taste in your mouth (whether it is real sugar or deceiving taste buds with sweeteners), then you will truly be on your way to that body of your desires. Your mind will “forget” about sweet things and you will not shop for, crave or want sweet things, whether they are a blatant sweet food or one with hidden sugars.

Avoiding sweeteners is not easy

Sweeteners are not just the things you put into your tea and coffee. Sweeteners are found in so many foods these days. Almost all “diet” foods contain sweeteners: Yoghurts, diet drinks, low fat deserts and so on. They all keep “fuelling” your sweet tooth.


You will not get as lean and fat free as you can be as long as you keep your sweet tooth alive with the consumption of sweeteners. Life may seem “dull” to you if you were to drop sweeteners and sugar. That is a decision which you must make. Many people don’t consume sugar or sweeteners and they have wonderful lives with the body of their desires.

Will it kill you to reverse into your drive instead of driving head on? Will it kill you not to watch your favourite soap? No. You may say they will affect you negatively in “some” way but that’s just your mind justifying your habit.

If you want something bad enough, you will need to change certain habits. If you want the leanest possible body, then you will need to change and say bye bye to your sweet tooth once and for all.

The decision is yours!



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