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How fat can destroy your body and health

and how to keep your arteries clean


Being over-weight and eating bad isn’t just about having a bit of extra weight and putting off exercise.

Imagine rubbing motor oil in the palm of your hands and then trying to clean it off by just wiping it off. It won’t come off. The only thing that will make it come off is some form of special material such as soap and a lot of water.

How to life a healthy lifeYour arteries are normally clean and healthy. They transport blood and vital nutrients to where they are needed. Most of you never give a second thought to words such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, clogged up arteries and so on.

Yet by eating the wrong kind of foods, especially foods high in fat, you are rubbing grease into your arteries and making it very difficult for your body to function. Over time, more and more grease is gathered and then your arteries start clogging up and becoming congested with junk. A bit like an alleyway full of dust-bins, left over garbage and general trash.

Most people don’t recognise what they are doing to their body by eating the wrong foods until it’s too late. Here is some advice you may want to follow to ensure your keep your arteries open, clean and healthy. Clogged up arteries will mean heart attacks, strokes and general illness which in many cases damages vital organs and is hard to reverse.

Things to do to keep healthy:

  • Your base diet should be 50% vegetables and fruit
  • You should consume red meat no more than 2-3 times a week
  • You should reduce dairy intake
  • You should avoid junk foods and those high in saturated fats
  • You should increase your intake of good fats such as omega fatty acids
  • You should check your blood pressure and cholesterol regularly
  • You should avoid drugs of any sort including alcohol and cigarettes
  • You should exercise at least 3 times a week
  • You should reduce your body weight to an acceptable level
  • You should avoid/reduce stress at all costs
  • You should not worry about things out of your control

Remember, your arteries are your life-line. You want to live and eat clean to ensure optimum health and longevity,

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