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Build muscle to lose fat!

A new way to your ideal beach body


Most people’s physique goals can be classified in to 3 categories:

  • Build muscle
  • Lose fat
  • Build muscle and lose fat

In this article you will learn a new way of losing fat AND building muscles at the same time, which is totally different from what you have been told before.

Traditionally, the way to build muscle and lose fat “at the same time” has been to do weight training using lower weights and higher reps and then to do cardio at the same time.

No need for cardio!

Build muscle to lose fatDid you know that the more muscle tissue you build, the more fat you will burn? A muscular person, resting and doing nothing will burn a lot more body fat than a normal person resting and doing nothing. Basically by building more lean muscle tissue, you speed up your metabolism.

Knowing this, can give you a whole new point of view when it comes to losing fat. You see, most people say they want a beach body but they “don’t want to get too muscular”. What does “too muscular” mean? You are obviously not going to look like a huge bodybuilder without taking performance enhancing drugs. The fact remains that a “beach body” does hold quite a bit of muscle mass for it to look like a beach body.

A whole new plan for a beach body

So this time round, instead of trying to do cardio and weights at the same time and getting all mixed up, follow a true muscle building plan for 2 months, concentrating on building maximum lean muscle mass. You will find that as you start doing this, your body fat levels start going down naturally, even if you are not doing any cardio! The more muscle you build, the faster your metabolism and the more body fat you will lose. The end result will be a muscular, lean beach body which is very efficient at burning body fat naturally.

Like for like, this body is much more adept at keeping body fat levels low, than a less muscular beach body which has been sculpted by doing hundred of hours of cardio.

The exercise plan

Go for it. The aim is maximum muscle in minimum time. Your body fat levels will naturally start going down when you follow this plan.
On all exercises do a warm up set and then 3 x 8 reps of the maximum weight you can lift, doing a full range or motion and good form.


Chest = Bench Press, declined bench press, inclined bench press, Dips
Shoulders = Overhead Press
Triceps = Close-grip bench press, triceps pushdown


Back = Bent over rows, deadlift, shrugs
Biceps = Barbell curls, dumbbell curls



Friday or Saturday
Legs = Squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls


Make sure you pose and contract your muscles after each set.


Generally it is best to follow a diet high in protein with around 30-40% carbohydrates. Eat smaller meals, more frequently during the day. Drink lots of water. Refrain from having junk foods, sweets, pastry, fried foods and fizzy drinks. Reduce salt and increase pure water intake.

Give the above 2 months and you will see a fantastic-looking beach body with a respectable amount of muscle and body fat levels low enough to be able to see your abs.




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