Ashamed of your body?

Here's how you can do something about it...


For the purposes of this article, we will classify “overweight” as anyone who has more body fat than they desire.

There are 2 types of overweight people. Those who have pretty much always been that way and those that got that way through a variety of things such as: age, over-eating, not exercising enough, change of job, marriage, lifestyle etc.

“Shame” from being overweight is a common thing though many people will not admit it. What is shame? Here are some examples:

Example 1: A singer at concert was clearly ashamed of her bottom. Every-time she turned away from the audience, she would cover her behind with a pad she was holding. She was ashamed!

Example 2: Anyone who refrains from wearing light coloured tight tops in case their belly shows more. They are ashamed of their belly.

Example 3: Those who don’t go swimming and make up a thousand excuses or if they do, they cover themselves up as much as possible.

Get that body

You see if you were overweight from your early years, you are likely to not know any better so your “shame” level will be much lower. However people who have had low body fat levels, or a six pack, great legs or a great body, especially in their younger years will feel more shame when they start putting weight on.

Funny thing is, you can do something about this. It is not out of your control. You are just not motivated enough to lose the weight. You haven’t got a strong enough reason to do it or you just haven’t hit rock bottom.

The question is, how can you motivate yourself?

Here are some ways to get yourself motivated to make some changes and lower the “shame levels”:

  • Put a photo of your fattest self, looking the worst you have ever done somewhere prominent in your bedroom and write a big post it saying NO WAY on it
  • Put a photo of your best self (doesn’t matter how old) in your kitchen and write a big post it note saying LET’S DO THIS
  • Put a photo of someone you admire, someone whose body you really look up to in the bathroom – Write a post it note on it saying I WANT TO LOOK LIKE THIS
  • Put a photo of someone whose body looks terrible and you just can’t stand – your worst nightmare. Write a post it note on it saying I DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE THIS

Remember, small daily changes will all make a big difference in a short space of time. You didn’t get fat overnight and you won’t lose weight overnight. You have to start somewhere. Start with little things:

1. Set a target to reduce the calories you eat by a little bit every day. This can be not having that bar of chocolate or desert or fizzy drink. AVOID just ONE extra treat/temptation a day.

2. Reduce the food on your plate and put 70% of what you normally put on your plate.

3. Drink water first before eating. You will find that you will eat less.

4. Try adding apple cider vinegar to your salads and eat salad before your main meal – this will reduce your appetite.

5. Take Fat Stripper, it helps reduce your appetite during the day and aid weight management.

6. Don’t ever say “I am fat” or “I look bad” or anything negative. Your brain needs positive things so replace any negative words with things like “I am looking better”, “I am on my way to looking great”, “I have started and now it is going to happen” or similar sentences.

7. Ensure you have good posture. This will have a positive psychological effect on your mind and help you feel better, which in turn will motivate you to exercise and eat well and eventually look better.

8. Drink water regularly during the day. Water suppresses your appetite and gets rid of fat.

9. Ask people around you for one weight loss tip. If you speak to 10 people a day, that’s 10 tips a day!

10. Build more muscle. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn.

Best of luck!





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