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Caroline Pearce diet secrets

Interview with Caroline Pearce, TV presenter


Caroline Pearce studied at Loughborough University for 4 years achieving a First Class Honours Degree in Sport Science and a Masters Degree in Physiology and Nutrition. She now enjoys a successful career as a Sports and Fitness TV Presenter, Model, and International Trainer for Power Plate. And of course- she’s been a Gladiator!

What’s your daily diet?

Breakfast: Porridge with berries

Snack 1: LA Whey Protein Bar

Lunch: Wholemeal pita bread with turkey, tomatoes and rocket salad

Snack 2: Raw nuts and apple

Snack 3: Natural yoghurt and honey

Dinner: Grilled turkey or egg white omelette with rocket, peppers, carrot, sweet potato, asparagus and balsamic vinegar.

Snack 4: Cottage cheese with ryvita crackers.

Drinks: 8 pint glasses water, English tea with skimmed milk, lemon and ginger tea.

What’s in your fridge?

I’ll always have some skimmed milk, turkey, vegetables, yoghurt, hummus, berries, rocket and fresh juice.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Fudge – I love it, especially the one from EAT! Cheesecake comes a close second.

What supplements do you take?

LA Whey Protein bars and shakes, omega 3 oils, multi vitamins and vitamin C.

What is your favourite work-out style?

High intensity circuit training or treadmill intervals. I like to work for a short amount of time but gain maximum results.

How often do you work-out?

6 days per week for 45 minutes to one hour per day. Plus various demonstrations for photo shoots and filming.

Have you always been so disciplined with your training & diet regime?

When I started Loughborough University I was inspired by all the top class athletes around me. I wanted to be the best and feel the best I could so I trained hard and ate to meet my energy needs. Now my focus is more for my wellbeing and to stay in shape for the work that I do. Of course I have the occasional treat day though!

How do you stay motivated?

I think of how good I feel when I eat clean and train hard. But mostly it’s just a case of making healthy eating and exercise part of my routine. Sometimes I’ll look of photographs of when I felt in my best shape to inspire me leading up to a shoot or holiday!

What tips & advice can you give to any women struggling with weight issues?

Devise short term goals for your weight loss rather than seeing it as one mammoth task. The latter will likely lead to failure as you imagine never eating your favourite foods again! By setting short term goals such as substituting certain foods for healthier but still tasty alternatives, and adding extra activity such as more walking or regular gym visits each week you’ll see results and feel more motivated. As you make progress treat yourself with non food rewards such as a massage or a new outfit. It also helps to work out with friends, attend classes and to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Lastly, my advice would be to eat small regular meals throughout the day rather than starve yourself and then eat a big meal that will immediately be stored by your body. Good luck!




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