10 tips to help keep your gains up & your costs down
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Money Saving Tips
The Spice of Life
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Spices you should not go without!
Are Ready-Made Meals a Danger?
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The truth behind the claims
5 great erection foods
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Foods that give you longer & harder erections
12 SHOCKING facts on Sexually Transmitted Infections
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Stay safe with these facts on STIs
7 Day Nutrition Plan
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by TV Presenter & Personal Trainer Lazaro Almenares
10 foods you shouldn't have before sex
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Foods that interfere with your libido
Study: Ice baths NOT as good for muscles
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Warm downs better for soothing & building muscles
TRICK your body into increasing energy
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5 natural ways to boost energy instantly
The importance of food prep
by LA MUSCLE on 04.05.2016 03:06 pm
by Personal Trainer Ross Potter
DO NOT touch another weight until you read this
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Scary statistics about gym equipment
SHOCKING: 50% of UK women & 42% of men UNFIT!
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New research shows horrific stats. What can you do to get fit?
10 foods to help you sleep better
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Better sleep means more muscles and a leaner body
10 random natural home remedies
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Quick fixes for common health problems
SHOCKING UPDATE: Is cannabis good for you?
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Find out if smoking weed helps you in life
REVEALED: Are energy drinks bad for you?
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The truth about energy drinks
10 foods to keep you healthy in 2016
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Keep you and your loved ones healthy with these super-foods
Yoga for Weightlifters
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Ever felt like your hamstrings were sabotaging your squats? Yoga might be the answer.
REVEALED: Why you are so angry & stressed all the time
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How to overcome anger, irritability and stress
Zoran's Top Tips for Daily Motivation
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People are always asking me how I stay so motivated so I thought i'd share a few things with you that help me stay on track daily and make sure that I keep focused and ready for every challenge.
Can't get it up? Here's how you can...
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A home remedy that may just work and it's free
10 foods you shouldn't eat before sleep
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10 worst foods to eat before bed
Cortisol: Influence on Training
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The secret to attaining your best possible physique is an endocrine balancing act, where in which you must ensure certain hormones stay high whilst keeping others lower.
Aspartame - The Hidden Hazards
by LA MUSCLE on 14.07.2015 04:54 pm
One of the most commonly used artificial sweeteners could be more dangerous than you think.
Making Time For The Gym
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Find out some useful tips how to squeeze some extra time for a workout
Bodybuilders Exposed to Risks from Drinking Human Breast Milk
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The new craze in the bodybuilding industry seems to be something that is as shocking as it is dangerous - drinking breast milk.
How eating a lot can help you lose weight
by LA MUSCLE on 02.12.2014 09:55 am
The reason why a "cheat meal" can aid weight loss


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