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10 random natural home remedies

Quick fixes for common health problems


  • To help alleviate arthritis, stay away from any food from the nightshades family such as peppers, tomatoes and potatoes. Also eliminate from your diet citrus foods, red meat and dairy. You will see a great improvement within days.

  • A shampoo with Zinc and no sulphates can be a great help if you have dandruff, dermatitis or a dry scalp. Look for a shampoo with absolutely no sulphates and zinc.

  • Dry skin on your feet can affect the health of your overall body. Make sure you see a chiropodist or get some home equipment/remedies to get rid of dry skin. Soak your feet in warm water every day for 20 minutes.

  • Make sure you brush your tongue daily to help combat halitosis. Bad breath can very often stem from a toxic tongue so brushing your teeth alone may not help.

  • Unhealthy nails are very often a sign that there is something not quite right within your body. Try and pay attention and see what it is that you are eating too much of or too little of and adjust accordingly. For example, little white spots can mean too little zinc.

  • White hair can sometimes quite simply be as a result of a lack of vitamins and minerals. Try supplementing with a generic vitamin-mineral supplement and see if your white hairs disappear.

  • Dry skin can be made worse with hot water (hot baths, hot beverages), lack of water or lack of oil (use creams or add olive oil to salads).

  • Constipation is very often as a result of a combination of things and not just lack of fibre. To beat constipation, you need to attack it from all angles: drink 2 litres of water a day, eat fibre-rich foods and fruit spaced throughout the day (apples, mango, pears, bran, prunes, apricots, dates), exercise (movement is important) and avoid white bread, white pasta and meat.

  • At the first sign of a cold make sure you start taking Echinacea. This is a great herb to immediately boost your immune system and gear it up to fight colds and infections.

  • If you suffer from back pain in the mornings, look closely at your mattress and see if it is too soft. Early morning back pain is often a sign that your mattress is not a suitable one - or just too old.




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