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Triple-decker Steak Sandwich

The king of sandwiches, this meaty skyscraper is a muscle building classic, perfect for anyone looking to pack on some serious size


The king of sandwiches, this meaty skyscraper is a muscle building classic, perfect for anyone looking to pack on some serious size!!

2 x 200 - 250g/8oz-9oz pieces trimmed skirt of beef
4 garlic cloves, smashed and peeled
small bunch thyme
6 tbsp olive oil
1 oblong loaf sourdough bread
1 beefsteak tomato, sliced
6 long leaves Cos lettuce
For the sauce
50g cocktail gherkins, finely chopped
1 heaped tbsp capers, finely chopped
1 bunch flat-leaf parsley, leaves finely chopped
7 tbsp good-quality mayonnaise
splash Worcestershire sauce
4 shakes Tabasco sauce
1 small red onion, finely chopped

Up to 2 days before, place the meat in a dish with the garlic, thyme, 4 tbsp of the olive oil and some freshly ground pepper. Cover and chill until needed. To make the sauce, tip the gherkins, capers, red onion and parsley into a bowl. Add ayonnaise to just bind the ingredients. Season to taste with Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco. Set aside.
Heat a pan until very hot and starting to smoke. Remove the meat from the marinade and sear the meat in the pan for about 20 mins until it’s really browned and cooked to medium-rare. If the pan isn’t big enough, you may need to do one piece at a time. Set the meat aside to rest.
Trim the loaf to a rough rectangle that will fit both steaks side-by-side, then cut the loaf lengthways into three.
Give the pan a wipe with kitchen paper, then place back onto a low-ish heat with the rest of the olive oil. Fry each slice of bread on both sides until crisp and browned, adding a drop more oil to the pan if necessary.
When ready to assemble the sandwich, carve the steak into thin slices. Starting with the bottom of the loaf, build up with half the lettuce leaves, then a generous spreading of the sauce, half the tomato, then a layer of sliced steak. Top with the middle piece of bread and repeat the layers, finishing with the top of the loaf.
Press down lightly on the sandwich and secure four times along the loaf with long wooden skewers. Using a very sharp bread knife, carefully cut between the skewers to give you 4 tall sandwiches. Serve the sandwiches with chips and any remaining sauce in a side dish.

Nutritional information per serving:
Calories: 432kcal
Protein: 51g
Carbs 23g
Fat: 5.7g

Triple steak sandwich




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