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Check out the benefits of Freekeh


LA Muscle Nutrition: Freekeh

Freekeh is the newest yet oldest superfood, an ancient grain that is a nutrition powerhouse. It is an old grain. Ancient, in fact. It's been enjoyed for centuries in countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. Now freekeh (pronounced "free-kah") is gaining popularity worldwide, particularly for its nutritional punch.

Compared to other grains, "It is higher in protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and lower in glycemic index.

Quinoa has mostly been considered the king of the grains, although it’s actually a seed, as a higher protein alternative to brown rice, couscous, and sweet potatoes. However, Freekeh is fast becoming recognised as the new champion. It is a grain found in some health food stores and Middle Eastern markets. It is a roasted green wheat that boasts a nutty/toasty smell and taste and carries a seriously strong nutritional profile.Free of chemicals, preservatives, and anything genetically modified, freekeh’s health and nutritional benefits make it worthy of being the newest super grain.

Some of freekeh’s health benefits include:

  • Low glycemic index — for slowly released sustained energy.
  • High in fibre — up to four times the amount of brown rice.
  • Acts as a prebiotic — nutrient able to fuel the growth of healthy (good) bacteria in the digestive tract, which is important for bowel health and immune function.
  • Rich source of lutein and zeaxanthin — phytonutrient carotenoids known for supporting vision and eye health.
  • Good source of plant based protein
  • Low in fat
  • Rich in calcium, iron, and zinc
Easily cooked in boiling water like rice or quinoa, it comes in both whole grain or cracked (faster cooking) forms. The whole grain, although taking longer to cook, has a moist, chewy texture and light, nutty taste. Season freekeh with garlic, sea salt, and pepper as you would brown rice, or prepare as a cold “pasta salad” with freshly chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumber, parsley, and mint, tossed in an olive oil and lemon juice dressing.

It’s also great as an ingredient in homemade veggie burgers or as a breakfast cereal mixed with cooked apples, cinnamon, and chopped walnuts or pecans.

LA Muscle Nutrition Freekeh




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