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Why protein is BAD for you

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Back in the 70s and 80s, bodybuilders used to take in raw eggs to make their muscles grow. In the late 80s and early 90s, egg powder was all the rage. Later in the 90s, protein in the form of whey powder started to appear.

Why protein is bad for you

There is no doubt that some form of lean protein does contribute to muscle recovery and muscle growth. However, the supplements industry has moved a long way away from those days when you would take a couple of scoops of a decent protein powder after your workout.

Walk into any supplements store or go online and you will see a whole variety of so-called protein “foods”. It was inevitable! Protein is BIG business and the more you can milk it (pardon the pun!) the better!

The reality however is that 90% of all protein foods and supplements on the market are NOT beneficial to your goals and can in fact negatively affect your body. Most supplements companies are not honest (sorry!). They are in it for one thing and that is profit. The majority of the bigger companies are owned by corporations and private equities and their sole purpose is more sales and profit. They couldn’t care less what you put into your body in their quest for more dollars!

LA Muscle is different because it has been owned by one individual since it was founded and its principles have always remained the same: To give you what works the best and quickest without side effects. LA Muscle supplements are not cheap because they are not trying to out-do the competition. They are the best. This is why you will get the truth from LA Muscle and not what is biased towards more profits.

The truth is that protein bars, protein RTDs (Ready to Drink), protein muffins, protein cookies and pretty much most ready-made proteins are NOT good for you. They will make you fat. As simple as that!

Why do we know this? Because we are a manufacturer and we know what goes into them! In fact, LA Muscle used to manufacture all of the above with some of its protein supplements such as Norateen Bar and LA Whey Bar winning several awards. However LA Muscle moved away from this because it did not consider these “supplements” healthy or beneficial over long term.

Your goals are in complete opposition to the ingredients in these protein “supplements”. All protein bars, no matter how healthy they sound, contain extra ingredients that your body just does not need. These include tons of sugar, oils, artificial additives, syrups and binders. How is that good for your body? How is that good for your glycemic index? How is that going to keep you lean and your muscles hard? Well, they don’t!

You would be MUCH better off not eating these so-called healthy protein supplements and sticking to a normal diet. Sure, some gym “experts” will tell you that their “protein” content outweighs their bad stuff. These experts don’t know what they are talking about. They are not food scientists or manufacturers.

FACT: Train well, eat well, rest well and you will get muscular and lean. Reduce your carbs and sugars alongside an aerobic regime and you will lose weight.

IF you want to get more muscular and your regular training and diet is not getting you there fast enough, then take some muscle-building pills such as Testosterone Boosters. They contain ingredients that you will never ordinarily get from food and they will trigger extra growth without putting sugar or syrup into your body! Norateen Heavyweight II is a great one, having won many awards and been a best-seller for over 20 years.

The same goes if you want to lose weight. Take a strong weight loss pill formula like Fat Stripper Intense for dramatic results.

LA Muscle’s supplements are honest, powerful, scientific and Pharmaceutical Grade formulas that come with 100% money back guarantee. Please don’t ruin your body by putting extra rubbish that it doesn’t need in it. Stick to what really works. Try LA Muscle’s capsule formulas.





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