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Do You Really Need Whey Protein?

The Importance of Whey Protein Explained

By LA Muscle on 20.03.2017 03:57 pm


Whey protein isn’t just for bodybuilders, it is essential for anyone who is doing any form of exercise whether it’s for muscle building, strength training or endurance training.

When you train your muscles get broken down and glycogen levels start to deplete. If the muscles do not get the optimum amount of protein which is required then quite simply they will not grow. Muscles tend to grow outside of the gym with plenty of good nutrition and quality rest.

Why whey protein after a workout? Whey Protein Explained

During exercise you are effectively breaking your muscles down so you need to ensure they are repaired fast and effective. Whey Protein is fast digesting and get’s into your muscle fibres quickly. This will help replenish damaged muscle tissue as well as by boosting recovery, which ensures your muscle’s get the fuel they require for growth rapidly.

As well as improving recovery and muscle soreness, these are not the only reasons why whey protein is a fundamental macro-nutrient to include as part of your daily routine. Whey protein has several benefits including;

  • Contains all 9 essential amino acids and is low in lactose content.
  • Promotes the growth of lean muscle tissue
  • Helps with fat loss and preserves muscle tissue:
  • Increases size and strength
  • Improves overall muscular definition
  • Gets you ready for your next workout
  • Reduces Hunger
  • Aids reduction in stress
  • Improves your immune system

How much protein should you consume after a workout? Whey Protein Explained

You should aim to have around 25-50 grams of whey protein post workout for optimum recovery and growth. LA Muscle’s LA Whey Gold protein is ideal for this. Not only will you be ensuring you get the required protein but you will also ensure that you get the best quality pharma-grade protein. Just one serving of LA Whey delivers almost 50g of premium grade whey protein concentrate for fast absorption into your muscles, to aid muscle mass growth and muscle recovery and repair.

It has no artificial colours or sweeteners, is triple filtered, has the highest biological value and tastes delicious. LA Whey Gold has also been voted “Best protein shake for hard gainers” by Men’s Health Awards.

Make sure your workouts do not go to waste and always have a whey protein shake handy at the gym.

Whey Protein Explained



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