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The Truth About LA Muscle’s Tubs

Important Update

By LA Muscle on 23.08.2018 03:29 pm


Sometimes customers email or call in and say that they have received one of the capsule products and that it is half full! The truth is that the tub is not half full; the customer has received the exact quantity of capsules they have ordered, however there is something that you need to know..

LA Muscle tries to manufacture 1 size tub for most capsule supplements. This is actually for environmental reasons. Customers calling in often cite that having a larger tub to hold fewer capsules (as in the case of some LA Muscle supplements) is not good for the environment. This is actually not correct.

You see, each tub holding LA Muscle’s capsules has to be individually manufactured and the minimum runs are huge (in the hundreds of thousands). If LA Muscle was to manufacture a tailor-fit tub for each of its products, then you would see a mountain of various sizes of plastic. If/when LA Muscle was to move to another product size or a new tub (as is the case imminently), then there would be a huge wastage of left-over plastic.

So, LA Muscle tries to use one size of tub that on some products may be slightly over-filled and on others fills half the tub and is topped up with cotton wool. What you get inside is the same as what you have ordered. This is done to ensure minimum wastage of unnecessary plastic.

LA Muscle is always trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This started with moving the manufacturing facilities closer to the London HQ many years ago and has carried on through to things like uniforming tub sizes. If you have any other suggestions on how LA Muscle can help the environment, please contact LA Muscle.


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