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Are LA Muscle supplements safe for those in the armed forces?

Can you take LA Muscle Testosterone boosters if you are in the army, navy, forces?

By LA Muscle on 18.06.2019 08:51 am


Armed forces personnel are primarily tested for drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, LSD, morphine, heroin, barbiturates and PCP. They “could" also be tested for Steroids.

Having said that, most in the army state that steroids are only tested for IF the commander in charge suspects steroid use and orders it. It has also been stated that the army does not have specialist and expensive kit to test for the minutest traces of Testosterone.

Most natural Testosterone boosters don’t do much because they are not Pharmaceutical Grade or contain potent enough ingredients! LA Muscle’s natural Pharma Grade Testosterone boosters DO dramatically increase your natural Testosterone levels. However, the clue here is “natural”. You will have increased Testosterone and it will be in tune with your body and natural with your body, so you should not have a problem with an army test.

A steroid test in the army is usually ordered as a result of suspicion that you are actually using an anabolic steroid, often in the form of an ampule. These steroids cause a dramatic increase in Testosterone way over and above what is considered to be safe or normal.

LA Muscle has been supplying the armed forces with super-strength supplements since 1998. There has not been a single case of a problem with any LA Muscle supplements and the army because the "safety" levels of all supplements are tested for. Whilst LA Muscle’s Testosterone boosters do dramatically increase Testosterone levels, what the army is looking for is something totally different and on a scale that is considered unsafe and damaging.

If you are uncertain, please consult with your recruiter. LA Muscle supplements are manufactured in the highest quality state of the art facilities and are approved by most leading drug testing organisations.

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