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Why you can't just take supplements willy nilly!

By LA Muscle on 12.02.2023 07:42 pm


I was speaking to a friend of mine yesterday and she was saying she has been taking a supplement for a few months. I asked her why and she said the woman at her health shop recommended it. I asked her what is it for and she said she is not sure and that it was a recommendation based on whatever she had said in the health shop!

My friend has been taking this supplement for a few months and plans to keep on taking it. I asked her what’s in it. She wasn’t sure of the full ingredients but from memory she said it had MSM, NAC and Vitamin C. A very strange mixture indeed! I personally couldn’t understand what on earth this supplement is for.

MSM is for joint, ligament and tendon issues and pretty effective. My friend doesn’t have any of those issues. Even if she is taking it as a precaution, I would not recommend this. You don’t need to be taking MSM when there is nothing wrong with your ligaments or joints. Firstly your body will get used to it, secondly it is more stuff for your body to process and get rid of and thirdly the MSM will not work as well when you actually need to take it.

As for NAC which is N-Acetyl Cysteine, I have NO IDEA why she is randomly taking that! I mean if she has had a Paracetamol overdose or excess mucus, I can understand! But to randomly and regularly take NAC is just silly and potentially harmful.

Vitamin C is great and useful but again why take it daily for no reason? Some people take it believing it will improve or maintain their immune system. I don’t believe that. I think supplements have a time and a place. If you take Vitamin C for no reason, then your body gets used to it. OK Vitamin C is one of those that is not as bad taken regularly as it is water soluble. Still, I would take a mega dose if illness was coming or if I was feeling under the weather; not for no reason!

If you want to boost Testosterone, take a Testosterone booster. If you have joint issues, take MSM or Chondroitin or Glucosamine. If you have overdosed on paracetamol, take NAC (under medical supervision) but for god’s sake, don’t take a mixture of random ingredients for no reason!

Definitely don’t take random supplements for long periods when you don’t understand what is in them and what they are used for.

I hope my friend does a bit more research after our talk and reconsiders what she is putting in her body regularly. Same goes for you. If you are am avid user of supplements, have a read and see WHY you are taking those particular ingredients. Obviously I am not putting you off LA Muscle supplements because you will be taking them for a reason and for a particular goal. Even with LA Muscle supplements, you would not be taking a particular supplement all the time. Once you get the desired results you would stop or take a break.



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