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Inside the Formula: Norateen Heavyweight II

A scientific look at this powerful Testosterone Supplement

By LA Muscle on 05.04.2016 01:14 pm


  • “Surely this is not legal?” BBC TV Rugby Special
  • “THE best Testosterone booster in Europe” Men’s Health Magazine
  • “Strongest muscle builder available” SKY TV, Active Channel
  • “Top for muscle & strength building” Men’s Fitness Magazine

The above are just a sample of what the media has been saying about LA Muscle’s Norateen Heavyweight II.

Norateen Heavyweight II has been around since the year 2000 and has been consistently voted as THE best natural Testosterone booster on the market. Other companies have tried to copy it, make similar products with similar claims but none have managed to take the crown of Norateen Heavyweight II. Why?

The reason is two-fold. Firstly Norateen Heavyweight II is manufactured in a state of the art, exclusive Pharma Grade plant that others do not have access to. This means you get the purest, rarest ingredients manufactured to exacting secret standards that others are not privy to.

Secondly, science, research, development and years of testing have gone into the Norateen Heavyweight II formula. It did not come about as an accident. This is why when you buy this incredible formula, you are guaranteed results from day one. Norateen Heavyweight II’s exclusive formula is based on solid scientific research. Not many supplements can claim this. Let’s have a closer look an Inside the Formula: Norateen Heavyweight II.

Mucuna Prureins

A powerful natural Testosterone booster. You get the purest, freshest raw Mucuna Prureins in Norateen Heavyweight II.

In one human study (1), the levels of Cortisol in men were reduced by 110% using Mucuna Prureins. For you, this means less muscle breakdown, less body fat and more of your muscles protected from being used for fuel.

In another study (2) Testosterone levels were increased by up to 38% and Luteinizing Hormone by 41%. This hormone directly increases Testosterone.

In a third study (3) levels of Testosterone in men were increased by 38% following the ingestion of Mucuna Prureins.
Mucuna Prureins is just ONE ingredient in Norateen Heavyweight II. Let’s have a look at what else is in there.

D-Aspartic Acid

A very powerful, exclusive and significant Testosterone booster. D-Aspartic Acid also increases protein synthesis, meaning more protein is converted in to muscle mass. This is a new addition to Norateen Heavyweight II, making it even stronger.


Diindolylmethane (DIM) is the principal breakdown ingredient of indole 3-carbinol (I3C) which in the late 90s received some notoriety as an oestrogen reducer. DIM is stronger and more effective. Using DIM in men avoids accelerating testosterone metabolism, especially regarding unwanted conversion of testosterone into oestrogen. In other words, DIM is very clever!

This accelerated metabolism to oestrogen is not conductive to muscle building. DIM changes this and it indirectly increases Testosterone levels (5).

Beta Ecdysterone

Beta Ecdysterone is a well regarded plant sterol extract commonly used to increase Testosterone levels. There are many forms of Beta Ecdysterone. LA Muscle’s Norateen Heavyweight II contains the purest ingredient at Pharma Grade, ensuring optimal gains in Testosterone levels.

Beta Ecdysterone has been shown to both increase Testosterone (6) and reduce oestrogen (7), thereby affecting overall Testosterone in the body in 2 positive ways.


Methoxyisoflavone is a member of the flavonoids family (isoflavones) and has been shown to be so unique that a Patent was granted for it. Studies have found that Methoxyisoflavone supplementation possesses a muscle-building and bone-building (anabolic) component (8). Methoxyisoflavone has the capability to reduce oestrogen levels. This is particularly effective when taken in combination with a Testosterone booster - such as the other ingredients in Norateen Heavyweight II.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been shown to increase serum Testosterone and Luteinizing hormone (9). Vitamin E is also a strong antioxidant and further enhances the stability and freshness of the ingredients in Norateen Heavyweight II.

There you have it. A scientific look at the proven ingredients used in Norateen Heavyweight II. There are other reasons why Norateen Heavyweight II works so well in the real world, some of which need to be kept under wraps as they are proprietary to LA Muscle.



Norateen® Heavyweight II

Norateen® Heavyweight II

Voted No.1: Men's Health, BBC/ SKY TV. NO RISK




WINNER: Men's Health Supplements Awards. Instant Muscle Pumps!

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WINNER: Men's Health Supplements Awards. Instant Muscle Pumps!
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