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Inside the formula: Fat Buster

A look at this amazing 8 ingredient fat burner

By LA Muscle on 30.05.2016 01:11 pm


Fat Buster is a great quad-action formula with 8 powerful ingredients to attack fat from all angles. Let’s take a detailed look at its exact ingredients.

CITRUS AURANTIUM (OCTOPAMINE) - This amazing ingredient stimulates and dislodges fatty tissue, thus aiding the liberation of calories and body fat. Octopamine has been shown in metabolic studies to be a naturally occurring and very potent fat-burner and weight loss ingredient. Fat Buster starts out shifting fat out of deep pockets.

POMEGRANITE EXTRACT - A natural ingredient which helps the body absorb less dietary fat. This ingredient in Fat Buster ensures the formula stops your body from getting overwhelmed with fat but reducing its absorption of fat in food.

L-TYROSINE - This is a powerful ingredient which can regulate growth, metabolism, skin health and mental state - motivating you to start and carry on with your fat loss regime by altering mood. L-Tyrosine will help alleviate the negative feelings and irritation that you may get when you are trying to lose body-fat. L-Tyrosine will counteract any lack of norepinephrine, resulting in more energy and a better state of mental health. This is a critical part of any fat loss regime and sometimes it is difficult for people to control their state of mind - hence why Fat Buster is such a great formula in addressing this issue.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT - Standardised potency Green Tea Extract in Fat Buster will help burn more fat and improve well-being. Also ideal for thermogenesis.

GUARANA - Guarana is a thermogenic herb and very effective at fat loss. It is used world-wide by men and women for long-lasting fat-loss. Fat Buster contains the highest Pharma Grade Guarana.

L-CARNITINE - Perhaps the best-known and most effective fat-metaboliser, L-Carnitine is the universal fat-buster. L-Carnitine increases the burning rate of calories stored as fat. L-Carnitine also reduces feelings of hunger and weakness which result from oxidisation of fats. L-Carnitine has the ability to increase physical endurance and maintain lean muscle mass.

GINGER - Ginger is widely used for its many benefits. These include lowering LDL cholesterol and increasing the circulation. When you are trying to burn fat, you need to have good circulation. Ginger is especially useful for expelling gas from the body. Many fat burning supplements do not take into account this side effect of fat burning. Fat Buster addresses this with the inclusion of ginger.

BLADDERWRACK SEAWEED - Known to absorb fat soluble toxins, reduce appetite and increase thyroid efficiency. When you are trying to burn fat, your body will throw out a great deal of toxins and this amazing seaweed will ensure your body is running at full efficiency and flushing toxins out.

Fat Buster acts in 4 unique ways:

  • Fat Buster metabolises fat out of deep fat storage areas in your body
  • Fat Buster puts your body’s own fat burning thermogenic system into high gear.
  • Fat Buster increases your energy levels.
  • Fat Buster is a diuretic, shifting water and fat out

Fat Buster is Pharma Grade and manufactured in LA Muscle’s state of the art FDA-Approved manufacturing facilities. There are not many supplements as pure, safe and effective as Fat Buster. Fat Buster is suitable for men and women of all ages and shapes.

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