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Dave Gentry

RSK London Regional Chief Instructor

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Dave is a 5th Dan black belt in PKA Kickboxing, TY-GA Kickboxing, RSK Kickboxing and IMAF Kickboxing. He has worked and trained with a number of celebrities and has also appeared in TV Programmes and films as an extra.

Dave has recently taken part in a seminar to raise awareness about street and knife crime. The first seminar being held at Brunel University and the second at Tottenham Hotspur FC's White Hart Lane stadium. Dave Hold's this seminar to show children that crime does not pay and to show them that putting hard work and effort into something you are passionate about does pay off, which is proved by Dave's great achievement record.


  • Awarded Pride of Britain for saving a young boy's life (2009)
  • Awarded international budo spirit award by IMAF Germany (2010)
  • Feature Writer for Fighters Magazine
  • Appeared on the cover of Combat Martial Arts Magazine
  • Ambassador for the government for the Better Breakfast Campaign (2011, 2012)
  • London International Hall of Fame 8 years running
  • American Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame 3 years running.
  • Completed the London Marathon in 4 Hrs, 17mins and 11 Seconds (2012)
  • Dave has been inducted into the MAI Martial Arts Illustrated mag Hall of Fame top fighter award (2014).
  • Dave has upgraded to 6th degree black belt (2015)
  • Awarded Gold Award from MAI Magazine at Hall of Fame (2015)

Over the last few months Dave has been very busy training for marathons, training his fighters for world martial arts tournaments and travelling the country delivering seminars. The things that keep him going with plenty of energy are his LA Muscle Diet Whey and Norateen Extreme that help him power through his heavy workout sessions with weights and high intensity cardio sessions.

Dave is also a massive fan of LA Whey Gold which he recommends to all his clients as their number one source of protein. Dave has the following to say regarding LA Whey Gold;

''I have used many well known proteins in my years of training, but nothing compares to LA Muscle's LA Whey Protein. It is great tasting, easy to mix and great results in quick time. Why chose the rest when you can chose the best.''

Dave and Scott Adkins

Dave and Scott Adkins

Dave Gentry

Dave Gentry - Street & Knife crime awareness




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