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The harsh truth about what some people use to get big... and your alternatives

By LA Muscle on 13.01.2015 12:06 pm


New figures show that up to 2 million people in the UK resort to the use of banned muscle enhancing substances to get bigger. TWO MILLION! That’s a lot of people messing around with their health, with the law and their relationships. What this shows is that there is a huge appetite for getting bigger and more muscular.

Illegal substances can get you bigger faster but they come with a whole host of risks and uncertainties and you still have to work out hard in the gym. You can be lucky for years or very unlucky and end up regretting your choices.

LA Muscle has always been known for providing almost drug-like muscle builders. In fact, many of LA Muscle’s supplements have been banned in the past due to their sheer strength. What is the difference between an LA Muscle supplement and banned substances? Let’s find out…

An LA Muscle supplement like Norateen Extreme will increase male hormones dramatically, yet naturally, safely and without any side effects. Because this increase is done in tandem with your body, you get to keep all the gains even when you come off the supplement. This is NOT the case with the dubious stuff you buy from the big guy in the gym or off some off-shore site on the internet.

What you use is up to you… however you DO have a choice. Take a supplement like Norateen Extreme and Vasculator over a 2 month period and you will not believe the results. You will get muscular, ripped, strong and HUGE!

LA Muscle is not here to con you with false promises. You will get what you pay for, which is the world’s strongest muscle builders, shot of being borderline!

Norateen Extreme will get you very strong and muscular. Vasculator will double the results AND get you looking super-huge in the gym in a matter of minutes (no joke!).



Fat Stripper

Fat Stripper

Stimulant-free, natural fat burner with no side effects, lose weight NOW!


LA Muscle Shaker

LA Muscle Shaker

Highest quality, Patented German-Made screw-top

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