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The Fastest 7 Year Old In The World

Dubbed "The New Usain Bolt"

By LA Muscle on 13.02.2019 04:46 pm


If we all think back to the time when we were 7 years old we can probably imagine doing something like playing games in the playground with friends, but one 7-year-old boy in Florida is already preparing to become a world class athlete.

Rudolph Ingram, dubbed “Blaze”, has gone viral as videos emerged of him sprinted 100 metres in 13.48 seconds this past weekend. His previous personal best of 14.59 seconds which he ran last August was smashed by 1.5 seconds. Some of his other videos also show him running the same the 60-metre dash in only 8.69 seconds.

His Instagram profile, managed by his father dubbed “Coach Kool”, has already grown to 346k as people are taking a keen interest in the athletic prodigy. Such is his talent that global stars such as Basketball superstar Lebron James have shown interest in young Rudolph.

His talents are not just limited to sports as Blaze regularly receives A and B grades at school as his parents work hard to keep him grounded and well-rounded. If his athletic ability and aptitude for learning continue into adolescence, then he will have his pick of universities in the future.

Rudolph is not only a three-time Amateur Athletic Union winner, but he is also a budding NFL star and hopes to succeed in either athletics or American Football when he gets older. His father, Rudolph Ingram Sr, is an American football coach, and Rudolph Jr is already showing up all of his opponents as well as older kids and some adults. He also has pictures with NFL stars such as Devin Hester, with his father keen to drill into him that only Devin’s hard work has got him where he is today so the 7 year old Rudolph stays grounded and remembers what is needed to succeed.

With ability like that, if he keeps developing and the same driven and determined attitude then we’ll be seeing plenty of Rudolph "Blaze" Ingram in the future!



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