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Sculpt for increased muscle & reduction in bodyfat

By LA Muscle on 31.07.2000 09:00 am


Sculpt will dramatically increase your "lean" muscles and massively reduce your bofyfat levels, guaranteed! Sculpt contains a patented ingredient called Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This product is one of the hottest products available on the market with research to back it up.

1. It is a natural supplement which according to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has the ability to increase "lean" muscle by 5-14% and reduce bodyfat by 57-60%. 2. It reduces bodyfat by reducing energy intake, increasing the metabolic rate and shifting the nocturnal fuel mix (Louisiana State University). Sculpt is exclusive to LA Muscle and is set to become one of the best-selling supplements on the market. Conjugated Linoleic Acid has already had extremely good reviews in high profile magazines such as Muscle & Fitness. Sculpt also contains other effective Fatty Acids and Vit. E.

Sculpt is truly a wonder supplement. Not only does it incease lean muscle and reduce bodyfat, it is also a powerful anti-catabolic. Your body can go into a catabolic (muscle-eating) state at any time during the day. When this happens, you can forget about making progress and building more muscle! Sculpt has the ability to get keep you in a muscle-building state and spare your muscles from being broken down and used for fuel.

Sculpt is unique in that although it is a long way from the usual synthetic muscle building stuff, it is still very powerful and works amazingly well. The main ingredient is a Fatty Acid which is probably one of the most under-estimated substances to date. It may even have the potential for boosting brain power and is considered a powerful antioxidant. Anyone who has used Sculpt so far, has reported unbelievable results! Sculpt works even better when taken with LA Whey. This enables your body to go into a super muscle building state.!



Bloat No More

Bloat No More

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Pill Box

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