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Free supplements, yes really!

Find out how

By LA Muscle on 21.03.2023 08:30 am


Have you tried the LA Rewards program by LA Muscle? It's your quickest way to getting free supplements within days. Find out more by watching the video below:

Every purchase on gives you automatic Rewards Points in your account which can be used to get free products. That's not all! Read below why LA Muscle's Rewards Programme is No.1 in the supplements industry...

When you register to become a member and give out your unique code:

1. Anyone that uses it, gets 20.0% OFF their FIRST order with LA Muscle
2. You get 20 points for every £1 they spend on their first order AND
3. You get 10 points for every £1 they spend on all future orders - No other company does this!

GIVE your code out to start earning lots of LA Rewards points which you can convert on-line to FREE products delivered to your door for FREE!

Enter the LA Rewards Store and start today. Or sign up wot LA Rewards HERE.





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LA Luxe Lean Protein

LA Luxe Lean Protein

Highest quality luxury lean vegan protein supplement

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Highest quality luxury lean vegan protein supplement
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