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New research on the power of Fatstripper

By LA Muscle on 18.08.2000 09:00 am


Scientific research has recently shown a number of substances to have a better ability at controlling bodyfat levels than previously thought. Chromium Piccolinate is one of these substances and is one of the ingrdients in FatStripper. Chromium Piccolinate improves muscle hormone use, resulting in less fat deposits and more amino acid transport into muscle cells. In a recent double-blind study of two groups, the group taking Chromium Piccolinate lost significantly more weight in the form of fat and had a greater reduction in bodyfat, without loss of muscle. Chromium is only one of the ingredients in FatStripper. There are 5 other potent fat burners and fat metabolisers in FatStripper, including the powerful L-Carnitine. FatStripper is not like other fat burning supplements which contain more or less identical ingrdients! Fatstripper has been specially designed to enable a change in your body composition. i.e. not for your to lose weight, but FAT. This is crucial. Using FatStripper, you are advised to stay on a high protein diet. FatStripper will help you maintain and/or build muscle, and still lose "fat". Give it a try. This product comes with a detailed factsheet on secrets to permanent fat loss (limited offer). You will be astonished at the results.



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CLA Sculpt

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Gamer Pro Elite

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