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Total Body Exercises

Build Muscle & Torch Fat In One Go

By LA Muscle on 30.10.2017 03:45 pm


Weight training is well known to be considered the best type of exercise to improve lean muscle, strength and power but regular cardio is also vital to aid with weight loss, increase stamina and overall cardiovascular health. Sometimes it can be hard to juggle the two if you're only able to train a few times per week so here are a list of some great exercises that will not only help add lean muscle and improve strength but will also help with weight loss and improve stamina and keep your heart healthy!

Plyo Push-Ups

Explosive moves like the plyo push-up activate fast twitch/type II muscle fibres, to help build explosive strength and aid fat loss and longevity. They help build explosive power in your pectoralis major; the largest muscle in your chest, your deltoids; the major muscles in your shoulders, and the triceps; the muscles in the back of your arms. That explosive strength can transfer over into other activities like boosting your running intervals or for use in sport.

Sled Push / Prowler Push

The sled push aka prowler push will dramatically improve your ability to accelerate in all directions, which will improve your quickness and acceleration technique. This exercise includes the muscles in the quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower legs, feet and core. It is generally considered to be an excellent full body workout as it also works the hips, arms, and shoulders. Depending on the speed and weight used, this exercise can be adapted to be focused more on either strength or weight loss but will generally improve both regardless.

Wide-Grip Pull Ups

When it comes to bodyweight exercises, nothing is as tough as the wide-grip pull up. This exercise will predominantly focus on the lats but it is the most complete compound exercise out there as it also recruits a lot of other muscle groups such as arms, shoulders and your core. Depending on the speed and if any weight is added for difficulty, wide-grip pull ups will not only add strength but can be an effective fat burner when incorporated into a circuit.

Push Press

There is a reason that the Push Press is a staple in the Cross-fit world as it's arguably one of the best upper body power and strength movements you can do to improve overall athletic performance. As an explosive movement it incorporates a lot of fast twitch muscle fibres to help increase athletic strength and performance as well as work a number of major muscles including shoulders, triceps, core, glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

Kettlebell Swings

If you're looking for an exercise that has a range of benefits look no further. Kettlebell swings are extremely effective at burning calories, scorching fat, building muscle, boosting your endurance, improving posture and preventing lower back pain. It's the ultimate exercise for any athlete or anyone looking to add a new exercise to their workouts. Not only will they improve power and muscular endurance, but kettlebell swings work everything from your core, to shoulders, quads, hamstrings, glutes and back muscles.

Jump Squats

The jump squat will make you more powerful while developing dense, muscular legs. It will also help improve almost every other exercise you do. Most people are not naturally explosive so adding this exercise to your workout routine will help develop your explosiveness whilst also burning a ton of calories. Squat-like moves will always predominantly work the leg muscles so good development can be made with quad, hamstring and calf muscles but it will also help build a strong core, hips and lower back.

Rack Lunges

This form of lunge is a great functional exercise that not only burns calories at a rapid rate but also has a number of key benefits such as increased hip flexor flexibility, improved glute activation, superior core stability and spinal de-loading. A simple movement that when adding a challenging weight can improve flexibility and muscular performance whilst preparing the body for everyday functional movements. A few sets of these on your leg day or full body circuit days will scorch fat and build stronger, more functional muscles and strength.


Known as the ultimate core exercise, a plank is challenging regardless of how fit you are. A good plank incorporates most major muscles in the body in order to stay in the correct position as long as possible. Studies show a person considered generally fit, such as a regular gym-goer/exerciser should be able to hold a good plank for an average of 2 minutes. If you're not dripping with sweat after a few sets of these then you're not doing them right!

Try these exercises in a workout 2-3 times per week for 4-8 weeks alongside a course of LA Muscle's strongest muscle builder, Norateen Gold. Along with a quality high protein diet you'll see phenomenal results!



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