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The Benefits of Super Slow, High-Intensity Strength Training

How strength training works

By LA Muscle on 10.05.2022 10:28 am


During "super slow" training, controlled movements are performed on specialized machines against resistance until momentary muscular failure is achieved.

Strength Training is a total body workout that requires maintaining strict form and a short rest period between exercise sets. A shorter workout than most, a session utilizes specialized equipment to maximize your intensity and time.

Super slow strength training: how does it work?

The benefits of super slow strength training are that it reinforces proper form while reducing the likelihood of injury. When you remove momentum from the equation, you tend to force the targeted muscles to complete all of the workout using every inch of muscle. As the intensity of the exercises increases, the safety associated with the workout increases equally, and the time spent working out is shorter. Slowing down will minimize the amount of resistance required, reducing the risk of injury. By making lighter weight feel heavier, you can safely build muscle and train into your later years.

Benefits of slow high-intensity strength training

A 30-minute HIT session twice or three times a week can build strength, bone density, lean muscle, metabolic rate, flexibility, and lower blood pressure. The benefits of strength training also include improved cognitive function, better sleep quality, improved self-esteem, and reduced stress and depression.

There is no difference in physiological gains between high-intensity training and a long-form workout.

The following are some additional benefits of High-Intensity Strength Training (HIT) :

It burns a significant amount of calories in a short period

In a super slow training session, your heart rate is elevated, and you are more likely to exert yourself more. Therefore, even with a brief workout, it is possible to burn lots of calories.

It increases your heart rate over an extended period

During high-intensity workouts, your heart rate usually remains high for extended periods. As a result, your body uses glycogen to provide your muscles with energy.

It increases lean muscle mass

When you lift heavy weights at a super slow pace, your muscles are forced to exert a great deal of effort throughout their entire range of motion that can aid in increased lean muscle gains.

A new and different way to challenge your muscles

Weight training at a super slow pace, limits momentum and forces your muscles to work at a very high intensity. For example, lifting a weight may take 3 seconds, and lowering the weight may take an additional 7 seconds.

Be sure to incorporate the following components into your daily routine when implementing slow HIT:

· The exercise should be short, intense, and brief.

· Always prioritize safety, effectiveness, and efficiency.

· Ensure that the exercise is intense enough to bring muscle failure.

· Perform each repetition slowly and without resting.

· Proper recovery will help you achieve your goals.

· Don't overdo it.

· A 20-minute session twice a week will be enough to achieve your goals.

· It is recommended to work with a Certified Personal Trainer to ensure HIT is performed correctly.


While a combination of nutrition and doing slow-paced high-intensity training the right way can give you impressive results, supplements can help you reach your goals in a shorter time. Some supplements are formulated to help you make the most of your strength training by providing your body with nutrition and necessary hormones. For instance, Norateen Heavyweight II , Vasculator and Possessed II are tested and trusted supplements for high-intensity workouts and lean muscle gains.

The Benefits of Super Slow, High-Intensity Strength Training


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