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Tips To Get New Muscle Growth

Restart Your Stalling Gains

By LA Muscle on 23.03.2018 03:51 pm


Sooner or later we all get to a point where whatever training and diet we follow just doesn't seem to get the result's we're looking for. If it's been at least a month since you last saw any results then it's about time to look at the bigger picture. A few simple changes could be all that is needed to start seeing results again.


There are many aspects of your diet that can put you into an anabolic state to increase muscle growth. One aspect is calories. By increasing your calories to a surplus of around 500-1000 calories on top of your maintenance you can allow enough of a threshold to support muscle growth. A good way to do this is to split your meals into smaller meals that are consumed every 2-3 hours. Another aspect is by consuming foods that are proven to aid muscle growth. Read our article Natural Anabolic Foods for more information.


As well as your training plan, your diet shouldn't go stale. It's always good to have a few go-to options as staples in your diet but the body likes routine and we need to keep mixing things up to continue seeing results. Factors like time of the year and your training goal (cutting, bulking, etc) will also help you to tailor a diet to go with your training plan and make your goals a reality.


The importance of protein is well documented. Protein contains amino acids essential for muscle building but those muscles require fuel to grow and the best way to do that is to eat complex carbs and healthy fats that give your body the fuel it needs to boost energy levels and support muscle growth.


All those late nights and early mornings are killing all of your hard work. Muscles grow when they are recovering and if you keep burning the candle at both ends you're eating into your much needed recovery time. Aim for 8 hours sleep per night and get in naps during the day if and when you have time. This will boost muscle recovery and growth as well as important maintenance of your physical and mental health.


Being made of mostly water, it's obvious that our bodies require high amounts of water in order to function properly. Most people do not drink enough and as many like to think otherwise, tea, coffee and alcohol do not count. Around 2 litres is sufficient for most adults however aiming for 3 litres has proven to be more beneficial for people on a high-protein diet.


Most trainers will tell you that your training plan should be changed regularly Once we get complacent, routine kicks in and we stay in our comfort zones. This is when your body is no longer challenged and does not respond the way it used to. Your training plan should be changed on average every 10-12 weeks and should be tailored to your training goal, eg. cutting, bulking, etc. Rather than following a generic training plan because you want to grow muscle and lose weight, follow a specific plan with set goals in mind and focus on one thing at a time to maximise your efforts. Mixing up your training will keep your muscles challenged and can spark them into growth.


Circuits, drop sets, super sets, pause sets. There are many different ways in which to fatigue the muscles and all of those can be used in different combinations. Exhausting the muscles will cause a compound fatigue on the muscle groups being trained and will provide a new stimulus for growth. Instead of a typical 3-4 set per exercise format, try doing 4 sets of 4 different exercises all at once, one after the other with a short break in between each set of 4.


We all need a little help and supplements are a great way to compliment what you're doing in order to achieve your desired results quicker. Choose supplements that have good reviews and a proven to do what they say they do. Pick ones that are specific to your goals and requirements and you'll start to see results a lot quicker than you would by relying on your diet and training alone.

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