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5 Essentials For Great Home Workouts

Cheap Equipment To Upgrade Your Training

By Sean Dunne on 02.04.2020 01:49 pm


You can have some great workouts both at home and outside without any equipment required but apart from big pieces of equipment, there are some small inexpensive pieces of equipment that you can order online and use in your workouts to add a bit more variety and keep them interesting. Here are some of our favourites, which we highly recommend adding to your workout routines.

1. Skipping rope

You don’t have to be a boxer to do this. Skipping is a great way to get your heart rate elevated and makes a welcome change to jogging on the spot. Either as a warm up or a finisher to your workout, it’s a great exercise to include. A skipping rope also works well when doing HIIT as you can use it for intervals to burn more calories and body fat.

2. Resistance Bands

These are so versatile and are already extremely popular, so you should be familiar with them. You can add them to so many different types of exercises including leg, chest or arm workouts and they will add extra resistance to make the exercises more challenging and work the muscles harder.

3. A kettlebell

Sometimes all you need for a great workout is one weight and a kettlebell is the more popular option to a dumbbell for this, due to its versatility. Just buy one kettlebell that’s a challenging weight but not too challenging that you can’t lift it over your head with one arm and you will be able to do lots of different exercises to keep your workouts fun and interesting.

4. Pull up bar

These have been a popular piece of home workout equipment for decades just because they’re so affordable and effective. Just put it up when you’re using it and you can do a variety of different pull ups to have a great back workout. It will also aid other upper body muscle groups such as arms and shoulders. Just be careful not to damage your walls or door frames when using them!

5. Ab roller

You can get great abs without one of these, but ab rollers are another piece of equipment that are extremely affordable and really work your abs and core well. They’ve very popular and as they’re inexpensive you can use it to add a bit more variety to your ab workouts.

Sean Dunne

Sean Dunne

Fitness Expert

Sean Dunne is a health and fitness writer based in London. He has 20 years of training and nutrition experience and his favourite types of training include circuit training, HIIT, hypertrophy and plyometrics.



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