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Big arms fast

Grow your arms by not training them

By LA Muscle on 18.01.2009 11:23 am


The key to bigger arms: Don't train them!

To many, this may sound like a crazy statement. How can you not train arms and yet get them bigger?

The fact is that this method of training arms is a great way of getting them to grow past sticking points and usually enables you to put on at least 1-2 inches within a very short space of time.

The principle used here for big arms

Big gunsYou will obviously need to be doing weight training to get bigger arms. The principle here however is that you will not be training your arms "directly" for a few weeks, possibly a few months.

As long as you are doing the major muscle building and bulking exercises, your arms will be getting worked and on their way to getting bigger. You will be building bigger arms by training them indirectly and not over training them.

The mistake that many people make

The biggest mistake aspiring body builders make is that they over train their arms. They may do a workout of several heavy back exercises, followed by 3-4 sets of one arm exercise, followed by another, followed by another and so on.

Big Markus RuhlThe arms, especially the biceps are a relatively small muscle group. You cannot over train them. If you make the mistake that training them more is better, you will end up with little or no progress on arm development. It is understandable that a certain amount of training will get arms bigger and that you are anxious to get there. However, over training arms is pointless.

The real method for bigger arms

If you find that your arms are just not growing or not growing fast enough, then you need to take a breather and a little break from training them and just "not" concentrate on them. The principle is that if you are developing and growing the rest of your body, then your arms will follow.

Dexter Jackson's gunsThink about it, it you are benching 100kgs today and in 4 weeks you are benching 120 kgs, do you really think you will have the same size arms? If you have been eating and resting, you will 100% have bigger arms by then.

You need to be concentrating on big, heavy, compound movements to get your body bigger - your arms will follow.

What exercises should you be doing?

Nothing that is a "shaping" or "defining" exercise. Concentrate on the "big" exercises: Bench Press, Barbell Rows, Dips, Chins and over-head presses.

Big Markus It is imperative for you to follow a proper programme and not just do ad-hoc exercises and weights. In other words you need to be writing down exactly what weights, reps and sets you are doing and you will 100% need to aim for more each session. The aim is to be doing at least 20-30% more weights in actual weight and/or volume in 6-8 weeks' time.

Forget about your arms

You must really and truly forget about training your arms and not worry about their size during this period. If in 6-8 weeks you are benching or rowing 30% more than today, then there is no way on earth that your arms will be the same size as today - this is a promise.

Stressing about your arm size, over training them and prioritizing them are usually all not good for their growth! Sounds crazy but it is true.

Food and rest are not to be ignored

It goes without saying that for any proper muscle development you will need to be eating lots of protein and carbohydrate foods. You will also need to be resting sufficiently and drinking lots of water.

Supplementing with a good protein powder like LA Whey or VIP protein is also a good idea. If you find that your strength is just not increasing or that you are really stuck, take a course of Norateen HWII.

In conclusion, if you find that your arm development has grinded to a halt and you just don't seem to be getting bigger arms, try not training them for around 6-8 weeks and just concentrate on upping the weight on your other big compound exercises.

If you are finding that your arms are just not growing, try Norateen Heavyweight II.

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