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Try This Intense 20-Minute Rowing Workout

Burn Fat & Build Muscle Quicker

By LA Muscle on 14.08.2019 01:56 pm


The rowing machine is an excellent piece of equipment that delivers a full body workout and can be used in a variety of different ways depending on what type of training you’re doing. Whether you use it for a long, stamina-building endurance workout or quick bursts as part of a HIIT workout, it’s sure to help you get a good sweat on and challenge you.

If you’re looking for a new type of workout and are already familiar with the rowing machine, then this workout is quick and highly effective so should save you a lot time for other things. Set the difficulty level between 4-6 as that is the most realistic level of what it would be like rowing on water.

Each interval gets shorter but the difficulty increases every round so make sure you take advantage of the 1 minute rest periods in between.

Warm Up

Time: 3 mins – steady pace

Interval 1

Time: 5 mins – 60% effort - Rest: 1 min

Interval 2

Time: 4 mins – 70% effort - Rest: 1 min

Interval 3

Time: 3 mins – 80% effort - Rest: 1 min

Interval 4

Time: 2 mins – 90% effort - Rest: 1 min

Interval 5

Time: 1 min – 100% effort - Rest: 1 min



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