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Don’t Do This When Trying To Lose Body Fat

One Of The Biggest Mistakes

By LA Muscle on 13.07.2018 11:35 am


With the summer in full swing and holidays to be had, everyone is working hard to look good on the beach. There’s nothing worse than spending endless hours exercising to get ready for it and finding out that what you were doing was a complete waste of time. Well we’re to save yourself the trouble by revealing that one common mistake when exercising can be avoided and help you ensure you do all the correct things when preparing for your holiday.


Spot reduction is when people do endless amounts of isolation exercises targeting specific muscles to lose fat from those areas. Examples include doing extra tricep exercises to lose fat from the back of the arms or extra ab work to burn stomach fat. It just isn’t possible. No matter how much you work a muscle, all you will ever do is fatigue it. A set amount of isolation exercises a few times per week will help grow muscle groups that you wish to enhance but it won’t lose fat from those areas any faster. Remember, training a muscle will break down it’s fibres and it’s the rest, recovery and nutrition afterwards that helps them grow back bigger and stronger.

So how do you lose fat from those areas?

The best way to do this is always going to be from your diet and cardio. Eating well and being in a calorie deficit plus doing some intensive cardio a few times per week is guaranteed to give you the results you desire. Whilst doing so, ensure you still do some weight training to maintain muscle tone.

If you want to make certain areas more pronounced such as shoulders, arms or abs then this is where some extra isolation exercises 1-2 times per week will help you see more definition as your body fat levels drop.

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