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Like nothing else on the market with proven weight loss power

By LA Muscle on 27.12.2014 09:22 am


You know the importance of protein in building and maintaining muscles already. If you are serious about your New Year goals, whether it is to build muscle or lose weight, you need to take a high quality protein shake after your training and maybe even before sleep.

What if there was a protein that built lean muscle mass AND burnt your body fat too? There are a few of these around from different brands and you may have even tried one or two of them. Read on to see why there is only one that has this unique formula and be patient as there is a great offer for you at the bottom of this email...

Diet Whey Protein by LA MuscleSpeaking scientifically, there is only ONE ingredient that is fully approved by the European Supplements Body and has been allowed to actually make the claim for “weight loss”. All the other ingredients you see in so-called slimming proteins are untested and unproven. If you really want to try the highest quality protein powder which contains this unique fully approved weight loss formula, then you need to go for LA Muscle’s new Diet Whey.

Diet Whey contains 100% pure LA Whey protein. Read the labels of inferior products and you will see that they contain lots of other cheaper proteins; hence their cheap RRP (remember, you get what you pay for).

Diet Whey gives you 1g of Konjac Glucomannan, proven & approved for rapid weight loss and for healthy maintenance of Cholesterol levels. Diet Whey gives you Inulin, which helps the growth of good bacteria (essential for healthy digestion of your protein), reduces bad bacteria and lowers cholesterol levels. Inulin also balances water in your body, one of the reasons why Diet Whey helps you get rid of water retention and look more lean.

Diet Whey is 100% natural and contains absolutely no artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners; Diet Whey is delicious and sweetened with the all natural new Stevia plant extract. You can choose from Strawberry or Chocolate in an instant-mixing drink - please put Diet Whey to the test and see for yourself, it really mixes “instantly”, showcasing how it is head and shoulders above all other proteins. Cheaper proteins with inferior ingredients will require a shaker and will be lumpy and take forever to mix. Diet Whey mixes in a glass with water and a fork in seconds.

Diet Whey is very low in carbohydrates and fat, ideal for dieters or those wanting to build muscle and stay very lean; also perfect for competitive bodybuilders. Those in the know such as top athletes and celebs wanting the finest products on the planet choose Diet Whey by LA Muscle.

All LA Muscle products are produced, transported and stored in exacting conditions to ensure 100% potency from manufacture all the way to your house. Have you ever bought something and thought it was a bit off? That’s because it was not stored properly at some stage. This is exactly what happens with 99% of sports supplements, but you will never know as you are not used to their smell and texture. LA Muscle spends a great deal of money and effort ensuring you get products which have kept their integrity at “all times” and reach you in perfect “just manufactured” conditions. LA Muscle products are a little bit higher in price, reflecting the high quality of ingredients, scientific formulations, research, testing, storage and exact temperature-controlled transportation.

Order Diet Whey 1.8kg today and start seeing results in as little as 3 days.



Six Pack Pill® Extreme

Six Pack Pill® Extreme

Guaranteed six pack or your money back, NO RISK results in 1-3 days


Bloat No More

Bloat No More

Flushes bloating, water retention and toxins overnight!

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