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Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau

What To Do When Results Stall

By LA Muscle on 17.04.2018 03:25 pm


It can be extremely frustrating when you're steadily reaching your weight loss goals and all of a sudden they come to a complete halt and no matter how hard you push yourself or how disciplined you are nothing will get them going again. Well luckily there's a reason for everything and there are are a few little tweaks you can make to what you're already doing and your weight loss goals should get right back on track.


Some people monitor everything that they eat and even everything they drink too. They monitor every macro-nutrient that goes into their body. That's fine for some, whilst most people won't want to be that calculated, however after a while this can have a massive impact on your weight loss goals. By constantly calorie-restricting your diet, your metabolism can slow down and put a stop to your weight loss. Once a week it is recommended to indulge yourself with a carb-rich cheat meal. This will shock your system and will also replenish muscle glycogen stores which in turn will boost your metabolism.


If you follow the same training plan for too long then after a while, even if you're pushing yourself to your limits, the body will have adapted to it and will no longer yield results. Ideally your training plan should change every 10-12 weeks and should include different types of cardio, weights and circuits. It is also recommended, if possible, to try and incorporate sports into your training plan as competitive sports are always challenging when an opponent is involved.

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Even if you do monitor either all or the majority of what you consume it's very easy to unknowingly make mistakes and consume more than you meant to. Things like sauces, drinks, etc can all have hidden ingredients such as large quantities of carbs and sugars that will wreak havoc with your diet plan. This can also be the case when reading nutritional labels on food and measuring out the quantities incorrectly. Stay extra vigilant when checking everything you eat and measure everything out if it helps keep a more accurate record.

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